Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers


Neil Van Beck is on the roster, too. So that’s six.


utomi listed the schools recruiting him we are not 1 of them


Some other potential transfers that might fit:

None of the guys above are like Nura Zanna who I think would have been helpful muscle under the basket against teams like Kentucky.

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That seems weird.


Why… We need a big man with height.


That is what I believe also. If the incoming guards are as good as advertised then go get a big man who can defend and rebound and if he has some offensive moves down low would be an added plus. Coach will make this team very dangerous!!

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It seems weird to not really be in on him. I mean we can disagree here. You can never have enough scoring threats on the wings in this system. Kelvin is all about spacing the floor. Unless he plays zero defense, he’s like a much better shooting Alley.


I look at this as the freshmen needing to replace Jarreau and Hinton and Hinton and Jarreau needing to replace Davis and Robinson.

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Its going to be interesting


Here are the scouting reports from the linked website:

Haanif Cheatham , 6-5, 195, G, Florida Gulf Coast
Stats : 13.2 ppg, 4.8 rpg
Quick Scout : “Playmaking wing. Slasher with very good vision in pick-and-roll. Straight line driver to rim. Can be elite defender when he wants to be.”
Schools : Nevada, Houston, Maryland, New Mexico

D.J. Harvey , 6-6, 225, SG, Soph., Notre Dame
Stats : 10.7 ppg, 4.2 rpg
Quick Scout : “Talented mid-range shooter who needs to become more consistent with his 3-point shot.”
Schools : USC, Houston, Marquette, Georgetown, Iowa, Auburn, Maryland, Xavier, Cincinnati, Nevada

[SIDE NOTE: I think Nevada is interested in pretty much every grad transfer on this list.]


are we actually recruiting any of these guys or, is he listing schools that will be good fits…
harvery would be a good pick up but there isnt a single tie to houston, and no sign that we are actually recruiting them
but goodman has the good sources…curious if they are predictions or sourced information


We recruited DJ Harvey when he was in high school. There’s your connection.

And if you would have clicked on the link, it clearly states, “the schools provided by the player”.

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Haha. It is what Nevada tends to do.

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The list of schools that offered 4 star Harvey is Very impressive lead by Duke. Would be a very nice pick up. great size for a guard.

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Cheatham sounds tailor-made for our system.

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Jake ‏Verified account @ jakeweingarten 15h15 hours ago

Houston, Oregon, Kansas State, Howard, and Ole Miss, among those that have already reached out to Tyreek Smith, a source told Stockrisers.

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That would be a huge get for UH. A talent like this is what we were missing inside against Kentucky. Put him down low with Gresham or White and would be a major improvement.


Since this thread has become about transfers in general and not just grad transfers, here’s another interesting name, especially in light of the guard conversation on the starting rotation thread.

Had 13p, 5a, 3r against us this year. 6’4", 205lb guard.

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Whoever is coming better sign quickly. We have a few spots and a lot of interest.