Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

For a guy who only averaged 13 ppg and shot 40% from the field, took some balls to declared early, especially where he would of been the man this year. With the new 3 pt rule, he would of stood out.

Maybe he just wanted to move out of his parents house and start earning sum 6 figure income overseas or G-League.

He may have the skills to indicate that he’s more ready to play but his measurables indicate that his skills are going to have to be extremely good to be effective at this level and much, much better than Nate’s to have the same impact.

I don’t want to sound down Sasser or anything because I have put a ton of trust in CKS’s and the staff’s ability to evaluate now that they can be a little more selective and I’m glad he’s going to be a part of our program. But it’s also unreasonable to “expect” that our 3 star freshman whose next best offer was either Colorado State or SMU will automatically be as good in his freshman year as a 4 star near top 100 recruit who had offers all over the ACC/SEC/Big 10/etc. and wound up having a very solid freshman season. It may happen and he may turn out better than Hinton, but CKS isn’t going to bat 1.000 and if/when he misses it’s more likely going to be on guys that were less highly recruited overall. That’s just simple probability.

Though I do get what you are saying about someone being highly rated because they are a raw prospect with intriguing measurables. But Nate wasn’t some super raw player like Izundu or something.


no one is denying nate has a higher ceiling…im not even saying sasser will have the same kind of career…

my statement was that he can be as productive as nate was inhis freshman season… play the same role nate played as a true freshmen
(if youre not counting rebounding)…half of nates shots last season were barely contested 3s…you dont need height or athleticism to hit barely contested 3s and do 6/7points per game…kellen specifically said nate wasnt a great 3pt shooter when he first enrolled, sasser was specifically recruited because he was an elite 3pt shooter

3star antoine davis who chose us over little rock could play that role too,


Sasser has the bloodlines and knows how to play. He just doesn’t have the measurables which can be overrated. I think he we will be a solid, dependable backup PG for his career.


Btw both Kellen and CKS are following Grimes on Twitter now. CKS rarely follows recruits.


I keep hearing Grimes will ask for a waiver.


Nate Hinton needs to get quicker.

What little credibility you have just got reduced


He has heavy feet… It’s an actual condition, google it.

Put down your phone.


is heavy typing a Condition ! Let me Google it , hang on ! :joy::grinning:

Oh noes…heavy feet! Good bye tournament hopes! :disappointed_relieved:


rumor from the Kentucky sites about grimes: him coming to Kentucky is low, that getting him would be ideal for both if he had intentions to sit-out (they are stacked at the guard position but most are 1 and done) but they say that he will definitely try to seek to be immediately eligible, potentially using the recent fbi scandal that had some ties to Kansas as the reason for a waiver

this is a rumor so take it with a grain of salt…nor am i so sure how strong a case that would be


Didn’t he graduate? And did you mean to say coming to Houston is low?

Grimes is a sophomore and He said Kentucky fans are saying he likely won’t come because he is trying to be eligible for this year and they are stacked at his position.

Hope we can land him………replacement for Armoni!!

Little being the key word in all of this.

Now progs trying to explain physiology to the board. Lol
Source being google!


Come to check out news about our latest recruiting efforts and then find out Nate has MS. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Grimes is a warrior. He likes the ball late or when the game is close. Nothing sissy about that guy. I’d love to have him. Would provide some court generalship.

It makes perfect sense to come to UH for Grimes.
Back home, may help him get waiver too or he turns pro.
He would become our go to guy.
Stats would look nice under CKS and helps get UH another shooter we lost with Armoni.
Would have a monster year here.
Would make UH move a few spots up in the preseason rankings.
Mills & Sasser could be snipers off the bench.