Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers


Sounds like Houston is the team to beat. A&M is just a back-up plan. Would make UH a top-20 team with him this year playing for our Coogs.


Who needs Duarte, Berman, Sellers when you got Progs. :roll_eyes::grin:


Grimes is gnarly.


Grimes freshman highlights. He plays D, too. Energetic for sure.


One more year of maturity, his game will be taken to new heights.

Why would Grimes get a waiver and be eligible this upcoming season?

Anybody know how Grimes’ feet are?



Threaten to cooperate fully with the FBI investigation that could bring probation chalk to Jayhawk and boom waiver granted.


The biggest question is will we sign he and Aku and is there a plan Grimes will accept to do so.

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Huh ??

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Progs, why do you think Houston is the team to beat? A&M just hired a good coach in Buzz Williams. Just curious.

i have no clue why we are the “team to beat” but amoung every team he is considering we are by far his best option

a&m wasnt good last year, in a rebuilding mode, and every single guard from last year is returning …
if he went there i have a hard time seeing him start over tj stark (2 year starting pg), savion flagg (their best player) or wendell mitchell (2nd leading scorer)…not even including jay jay chandler, or the 3 touted guards coming in…they need bigs badly…not guards

i have no clue what their relationship is like or any of his intangibles …but from a logistic stand point this is a very easy decision…fight for pt on a bad team or be a starter on a good team

If the tweet said they were visiting A&M today and Houston Sunday he would have said “sounds like he is just using up his visits before committing to UH.” Lots of shots in the dark. Happens every offseason. Take enough shots and you eventually get one right.

I have some responses to this but I’m mostly dropping it (and assume you’ll have the last word replying) other than this.

Nate was unanimous first team all freshman AAC. If the reasonable expectation for Sasser in his freshman year is that he does the same then coaches at 90% of D1 programs are complete morons for not offering.

Sasser got some good offers lol. If there is something he can do, that’s shoot.

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i think our disconnect is our assumptions of what Hinton did last year…

i think nate has insane potential, and a ceiling few UH players have had while here…

but this thing originated with “can sasser replicate what nate did last year?” (as a freshman), my response was outside of rebounding he could…oregon, memphis (the 1st time) and tulsa (The 1st time), you can argue sasser cant replicate those 3 games…id accept that, but the other 28 games nate wasnt doing things that would be insane to replicate

lets end this debate with a statement, i can bump at the end of the season and we’ll look back on…if we dont add another major guard (grimes isnt added or waiver denied) im saying sasser can atleast do 6 to 7 pts , 1 ast, 1 stl or more…you are saying he cant…we’ll reflect later


Maybe because Sampson is a better coach?


Exactly lol