Potential OC candidates


If Briles takes another job, who should UH get to be OC.

I’d say Brian Wright from Toledo.


List should start and end with Graham Harrell m

(Albert) #3

I agree. We should rent him for a season or two.

(Alex Whitlock) #4

I like Harrell. Mike Sanford would also be good if nobody has snatched him up.

Any thoughts on Meacham coming back?

(Christopher) #5

Get the band back together with Meacham and Gibbs?

(Dan) #6

I like the idea of the P5 retreads who have been here before. They might stay a while been there done that in the B12.

We would have to have some patience as a fan base to make it work though. 2019 we have a tough schedule don’t bring these guys back and then fire CMA if he can win at least 6 games.

(Alex Whitlock) #7

Hey, maybe Levine will take a break from Chick-fil-A to do special teams.

(Dan) #8

LOL and the award for post of the day goes to…

Our current special teams coach is part time so Levine could do both. He could wear one of those cow costumes eat mor chikn on the sidelines. We wouldn’t even have to pay him with the free advertising.


Travis Bush? All kidding aside, CMA will be in more trouble than he’s already in if Briles jumps ship.


This if Littrell doesn’t take the entire staff to K-State


No doubt! It’s a rebuild year for our Coogs football team next season even with Baby Briles.

(Munzell Milluns) #12



Agree with you 100%, imo, going to be challenging season


Is Kevin Gilbride available???.. Maybe we can go back to the run and shoot!


All kidding aside, I would be seriously interested in at least interviewing Brandon Middleton for the position if it opened up. Patrick posted this on the forum.

(Shawn) #16

Serious question: We have posters on the message board that keep asking why can’t someone learn the Briles offense? I’d say, why can’t UH bring in John Jenkins and have him teach someone the old UH run-and-shoot with some new wrinkles of a modern run game, i.e., wide splits, WRs spread out wide past the numbers, and mixing in motion and a TE or H-Back for run blocking. John Jenkins would cut his legs off and motor around campus in a UH Cougar wheelchair for his beloved UH Cougars. Why not have him teach a young and loyal Cougar how to run one of the most successful offenses that UH has ever seen?

Go Coogs. Peace.

(Ian Blake) #17

Tyron Carrier has been doing a bang up job on Dana Holgorsen’s staff as the wide receiver coach.

(Mike Higdon) #18

Why not just bring him back as OC? I can think of no one better.

(Gary Taylor) #19

Went by Levine’s Chick Fil A the other day and parking lot was full and the drive thru had about 20 cars in line. Looked as if he should be rolling in $$$


I thought Clemens was brought in as the OC in waiting.