Quarterback situation/controversy


Early in the season, I posted that if Tune did well, then we probably wouldn’t see King back, given that no QB that I know of would want to return for his senior year to a situation where he wouldn’t be guaranteed a starting job.

Fortunately, while Tune showed moments of greatness, his overall performance wasn’t good enough to write home about, and he hardly established himself as the “answer” at QB.

Given that…we might just see King back. I now doubt that we’d have a QB controversy if he returned, so I suspect he’d be delighted to come back and have a “do over” senior season.

One can only hope, anyway!


He’s not coming back.


If King had accuracy deep he would be gone. But he doesn’t.

If Stevenson stays King comes back.

Tune was very much feast or famine this year. He just hasn’t shown the consistency needed to be a starting QB. Good back up, for sure.

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with the right accompanying players (an offensive line that might give him more than one second in the pocket; more than one deep threat receiver), Tune has what it takes, he’s a starter for sure, just maybe not next year
history tells us, you have to have more than one capable QB on the roster (look at Alabama as further proof)

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Stevenson needs to return for his Senior year to work on dropped passes and fumbling issues. He’s a star.


You literally have no effing idea what you are talking about.


Did King say that?


Tonight he was getting the ball off just as or before being hit. On the long pass picked in the 3rd, he was blasted just as he was releasing the ball. The pick in the end zone looked to me like the DB took the ball away from Stevenson. I recorded the game, so I will have to check it out later. Tune can throw the deep ball with accuracy but was under constant pressure.


Brad, I have come to believe what joprior has to say on most things concerning the players. I don’t know who Joprior is, or what his connections are, but he sure seems to have inside info. I can’t remember him being wrong on personnel stuff.


So you think King is lying?

I am not sure we would have been any better or won many more games this year had King not bailed on his team.
Folks forget that Tune has gone through hell here at UH with Applewhite blowing his red shirt year to get destroyed by Army, and this year has to play once again as King decides what is best for him…not the team.
So young Tune plays through a hamstring in an entirely new offensive scheme and many on this board talk about him not getting the job done…lol.
I admire young Tune because he has quietly gone about his business and did the best he could. Yes, he made lots of rookie mistakes, but there were times when he looked better than King could ever be throwing the ball.
You can talk about the red shirting all you want and how coach tanked the season, but I just don’t see this to be true. Someone please tell me the players that he red shirted this that would have made us a winning team? Outside King and Corbin I would say no one. And remember many of you were really riding King after his less than stellar 1-3 start, the lone victory over PV.
After watching our defense play hard, but totally undisciplined ball against Navy, I will be honest with you…I am not overly excited about next year. I have learned long ago not to put all my eggs in transfers.
I was thinking last night how excited I got when our defense actually made some plays and stopped Navy. I guess the 75 yard run up the gut to start the second half pretty much took the wind out of my sails.
But go ahead and blast Tune, who finished with close to 400 yards passing behind a make shift offensive line. Yes he made crucial mistakes but I think he will learn from them. I believe he will be our starting quarterback next year if King is able to graduate.
We had better concentrate on improving our defense or we are going to be in for another lackluster year…


I think Tune has a lot of skills and he showed flashes of being really good. My only issue is does he have that “it” factor that great QB’s have. Case had “it”, Greg Ward had “it”. That certain something that made you confident when you were down that the Coogs were coming back. Or the confidence of if you are near the goal, you were going to score.

I am not saying he doesn’t have “it”, but I just haven’t seen it displayed yet. But to be fair, Case had some stinkers of games early in his career.

Is Tune another Case? or is he another John O’Korn, or Blake Joseph, or David Piland. I guess we will find out.

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Statements like the above, absolutes, are really not necessary. No one other than King himself knows for sure what he is going to do.

In regards to King lying, King is doing what is best for him whatever that is. Would the team have been any better than 4-8 this year if he played. Maybe we see another win or two, maybe bowl eligible but i suspect that is about it.

In regards to King lying, if King would have stated he was transferring, he would have had to leave the team and not be able to practice any more. It is my understanding, someone with better knowledge can correct, that he will graduate in the Spring. That would mean, practicing and training on his own from the day he declared all the way through Spring practice. Schoolwork on his own without benefit of any school provided tutors. If he got through the Spring and for some unknown reason did not graduate, he is done.

However, if he stays on the team, he continues to practice during the season. He goes through Spring practice. If something unexpected happens and he does not graduate in the Spring, he can play his fifth year at UH. If he graduates in the Spring, he can choose to play at UH or transfer.

If you were King, which path would you take?

Honest to God, how do you make a determination about who “the answer” is at QB while you’re using 14 different offensive linemen?

The only answer you’re getting is who can stay out of the CT machine at Methodist Hospital.


To me, it’s what King wants. Is he NFL ready? As a QB no. As a WR, probably not. He needs some polish. Would we have been appreciably better with King as QB? Maybe. Tune had to run for his life behind his swiss cheese offensive line. King might have been able to escape. But if you’re building your season’s hopes on a QB’s escapability to outrun his lines’ inability to make, much less hold blocks, you’re in for a long season (and we were.)

The question is, if King transfers, where? Let’s look at the landscape. To another G5 school? Why? That leaves P5 schools. Now, he won’t be the only QB considering transferring and do you want to transfer to a bottom feeder P5 school? Most of the top P5 schools already are set at the QB position.

I like what I see in Tune. Did he make mistakes? Absolutely. But, he was a true sophomore, should have been a rs freshman, and his mistakes are those that are correctable. You can’t teach foot speed, height, and to a lesser extent his arm strength. He has those. He made throws last night King has never been able to make You can correct the mental mistakes.

My hope is that King does return and Tune gets to redshirt and gather some seasoning. Since it doesn’t matter which 4 games you get to play, I’m hoping we have some blowouts during the season where Tune can get in some game action, maybe Rice, UNT, Tulane and Tulsa.


Behind just an average offensive line either QB will put up monster numbers.

I feel like some people here give up on a poop after 10 seconds.


Agree. If nothing comes out bring in another pooper.