Rice thinks theyre finna beat us

DadaCoogin42 - It was 2008 when James Casey kicked our ass and coaches could not adjust to stop him. He caught 3 touchdowns from Chase Clement and threw for one himself. Rice finished at 7-1 in conference and 9-3 overall. James Casey might have been starting QB for Rice in 2009 but declared for NFL draft. In 2010 we lost both Case and Cotton Turner in UCLA game. Piland was supposed to red shirt but was forced to play after Terrance Broadway fizzled out.

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As a 4th year FFL commish, I think they could put a little more effort into their trash talk. :wink:

What’s a rivalry without some fun trash talk & banter! Maybe their band will do something…

According to ESPN’s FPI stuff Rice has a 5.9% chance of winning. Whoa!

The 2018 Rice roster lists this guy at 260. I hope he makes it through the game.

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Remember when we opened TDECU and the guy from UTSA said they were gonna punch us in the mouth and we laughed. I never laugh at an opponent until we have won.


The best way to answer to his tirade is to say nothing and let our players do the talking. The field is always the great equalizer.


Should they say they’re going to lose?


The air of superiority on here by some UH fans seems quite UT-ish.


I thought I was about to see something controversial. How is this different than anything we say about a favored opponent coming to TDECU? When Louisville came in were there players saying, “gee, golly I hope we don’t get hurt too bad”?

The biggest irony being, our record against Rice isn’t much better than UT’s record against us, yet we still call UT fans arrogant for acting like we don’t belong on the same field.

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I wonder if anyone paid bad money.

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I am not saying its impossible because I have seen too much goofy shit happen to us in games against them especially at Rice Stadium.

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Its all fun and games till our first drives are 3 and out lol


Especially when OC fan yells run the ball when we aren’t successful passing or pass the ball when the run doesn’t work.

But that difference doesn’t faze Rice running back Emmanuel Esukpa, who’s embracing the opportunity to play the Cougars.

“We just know we have to put a little more focus into this week,” he said. “It’s really exciting to see that type of talent on the other side of the ball, so that should be fun.”

Awesome answer by Ed:


It may depend on your point of view. I used my social security funds.

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That was a Levine special…

Just out of curiosity, who on this board was joking and jeering at Rice’s performance last Saturday? I watched the game and during PV’s comeback I kept thinking that Rice still had a lot of work to do and I was feeling kind of empathetic for them having to face what I believe will be one of the best UH teams in many decades.

I wonder if the “reporter” was with joking and jeering UH fans or is he just assuming we were all joking and jeering because the Owls had a tough time with PV?


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