Rumor has it that Ed (is done? via Ed's Twitter)


I wouldn’t be opposed. In my office pick 'em this week, one of the games was UT v. TT. Would be really helpful to know if Bowman is playing for TT.

(FYI, this is just a joke)

(Tom Green) #84

I’m not worried. And i would say CFB is a very big part of the Sports betting at Vegas books. But I could care less if coaches share injury info to media. Carry on!!

(J V ) #85

I will guess that EO will go through warm ups and will announce he is not ready. I don’t blame him, long term too much is on the line for him.

(Patrick) #86

(Mitchell Patterson) #87

is he done??

(Mike Higdon) #88

He de-committed.


Don’t tell Mike Gundy! His mullet might start standing up on the back of his head.


Totally agree. If Ed had remained healthy and played next year then we could compare stats otherwise Wilson is still the man.