Rumor has it that Ed (is done? via Ed's Twitter)


I wouldn’t be opposed. In my office pick 'em this week, one of the games was UT v. TT. Would be really helpful to know if Bowman is playing for TT.

(FYI, this is just a joke)

(Tom Green) #84

I’m not worried. And i would say CFB is a very big part of the Sports betting at Vegas books. But I could care less if coaches share injury info to media. Carry on!!

(J V ) #85

I will guess that EO will go through warm ups and will announce he is not ready. I don’t blame him, long term too much is on the line for him.

(Patrick) #86

(Mitchell Patterson) #87

is he done??

(Mike Higdon) #88

He de-committed.


Don’t tell Mike Gundy! His mullet might start standing up on the back of his head.