San Antonio Commanders

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When I lived there, they tended to do pretty well attendance-wise for the arena team and UTSA. Belief there is that they want to show up in good numbers to draw the NFL and a lot of the city buys into that.

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The Commanders have elected to field four running backs on their roster and Farrow brings with him NFL experience from his time in the regular season with the Chargers in 2016. He totaled 60 carries that season, gaining 192 yards and moving the chains on 10 attempts. His style of play is similar to that of Cobbs as he also dominated during his time in college so it will be interesting to see how San Antonio uses the power duo as well as Aaron Green and Trey Williams in the backfield.


You remember Greg Ward. Right? The former University of Houston wide-receiver-turned-quarterback who only just turned back to a wide receiver in 2017 in training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles. Ward brings a big-play ability with him as his quicks and knowledge of the San Antonio passing game should only play to his advantage at receiver. He’s as talented as they come and the bag of tricks that the Commanders could pull out with him at receiver are seemingly endless. He gained a whopping 2,650 rushing yards during his time at Houston, 1,336 of which came after contact as he forced 89 missed tackles on his 303 career carries.

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All 4 Coogs are listed as starters:

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Detail defines RB Farrow in Commanders’ offense

Following an ankle injury sustained in 2017, Farrow was waived by the Chargers, who had moved to Los Angeles. The injury derailed him, but he regrets nothing. Playing through the pain is a way of life for him.

“Everybody who is great plays through injuries,” Farrow said. “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger, so I’m ready to go now.”

Following surgery, Farrow wanted to focus on his speed. With a repaired ankle ready for action, he began to run sprints daily. Each day timing himself, Farrow began to shed time while keeping his big frame intact.

Now with the Commanders, Farrow is expected to be the team’s feature back in a very talented backfield.

“Ken is an all-around back you love to work with,” Commanders coach Mike Riley said. “He can play on first down, he can fight on third down, he can win as a receiver. He’s definitely someone who can succeed on the goal line.

“I love him as a player.”

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Ward, Farrow, and Ayers on the same field for the first time since the Peach Bowl!

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What channel is the game on here locally in houston?

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Should be on CBS

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Yep see that now


Pretty pumped to see these guys playing again.

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Rockets vs Thunder on ABC

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This is pretty entertaining so far

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Farrow Ward sighting

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Mbu as well


Great catch Ward!!

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Good stuff.


This team would be more fun to watch if Ward plays QB

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Farrow scores the first td


Joey “Oomboo” making a few plays on D


And flashing the Cougar paw in the tunnel pre-game.