San Antonio Commanders

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Ward had some touches and punt return.

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Great game! Good to see our fellow Coogs highlighting their skills.

The game was easy to watch and the the lack of penalties was a surprise.

Good quality football, and I think the defensive side of the ball was better than both offenses.

Great to see Farrow score and very good game for Ward. Mbu was also solid.

I’m hooked!


I went to the game and it was entertaining. I saw some cougar paws flashed when Farrow scored. When leaving the game walking north the second building is the U. H. San Antonio campus with a huge UH flag lit up and flying high. Nice touch!



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San Antonio Commanders open Alliance play with win against San Diego Fleet

San Antonio’s latest attempt at spring football drew 27,857 fans to the Alamodome on Saturday night, as the Alliance of American Football’s Commanders christened the new league with a 15-6 win over the San Diego Fleet.

Commanders quarterback Logan Woodside completed 18 of 36 passes for 255 yards with two interceptions, while Kenneth Farrow scored the team’s first and only touchdown on the ground.

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I can’t believe these guys get paid to write.


I watched the 1st half, it is solid football. Other than watching for the UH players, hard for me to get excited about it. I think the AAF did a good job with the cities they are in and can really build something there. They need to stay active year round with community events and presence. I will continue to watch some of the San Antonio team if there aren’t any big college basketball games on. I think diehard football fans will watch, especially with plays like that hit on the QB. Offenses will get better as it goes on.

It sounds like they are really pushing to be a development league for the NFL. Will be interesting next year with the XFL which will go more towards entertainment. What if the Houston team says, let’s put Greg Ward at QB and have some fun on offense? Let’s go get an RGIII or Manziel and let offenses go crazy.

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Mcmahon has already said he will not have players with priors and not even a DUI, so Manziel is out.


Yeah, I just meant those types of players



I’m sure a few Coogs contributed to the ratings

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Folks are loving it. How about that hit!? Would have been a flag and an ejection in the NFL.


That hit got a lot of press.

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You can also listen to the replay conversation between the ref in booth and field ref in the AAF.

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Idk why, but I thought that was entertaining.


Does anyone know the salaries (ranges) of the players?