Scrimmage #1 - 11 Aug 2018

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Thanks for the updates, Patrick!
What is up with the red stripes?

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Looks like they’re just for defensive guys and QBs. Probably to ensure that the QB isn’t getting hit in practice.

The red strip looks good on that white helmet. Gotta have some contrast. The all-white uniforms make us look like ghosts.

I like the strips too, when I began following UH football under Yeoman the helmets had two stripes. BUT, the current stripes on practice helmets (according to a previous post) is so the coaches can see where the players eyes are looking during a play. I think the wide receivers and running backs have the strips also.

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I thought Rice was Scrimmage #1. (The previous sentence featured a joke. Lighten up.)


And TSU is scrimmage #2


You could expect this to see this kind of crap on a UT-A or ATM board. On a UH board, not so much.

Also, this brings back memories of a time when Coach Bill Yeoman had to remind some folks that the other universities are allowed to grant full scholarships as well.


Awesome post WoodMarkCos. This is the post of the day.
Friends why on earth would you want to make comments like that? How many times do you need to be reminded that real sport, live action sport is NOT A VIDEO GAME? How well do we know if these upsets can happen? Consider that every single athlete put their body on the line for every game that they play including ours. Have some respect please.

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Geez… lighten up fellas


Hump that crap! We BETTER curb stomp rice and not even play the starters for tsu!

Hump that “participation trophy” nonsense.


Sorry for expressing my opinion. If we lose to TSU however, we close down the program. As a reminder, I (we) don’t prepare for or play the games, so it does not matter what i (we0 say. But if i can’t be confident that we can beat RICE and TSU, it is going to be a loooong season.


After knocking off C-USA Division rival #25 Tulsa back in 2008, UH fans thought that we were surely headed for a spot in a C-USA Conference Championship game match-up with East Carolina - but the Rice FB team had other ideas. As an underdog, Rice beat UH by the score of 56-42 that day and the legend of “Thor” (Rice’s James Casey) was begun. And that’s just another reminder of why we have to play all the games.

As a side note, the Rice AD (Del Conte) and OC (Herman) back in 2008 are now both at UT-Austin - while Thor is UH’s TE and Special Team’s Coach.

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The Fiesty Night Birds always play tough their first couple of games… then they wear down and don’t have much depth. We should expect a close game on the 1st. Those who take any opponent lightly should go back and look at Rice’s first games against us.


Which is why we should only play them late in the season !!

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Why dont we play them when others are playing during “Rivalry Week” it will the 45th time.

Problem is that it doesn’t draw eyeballs outside of the city…or in the city if Rice is bad. Coogs would rather be on TV that weekend and play at home vs Navy or at Memphis. Those games have gotten them on national TV the last three years and will probably happen again this year. A game against Rice wouldn’t.

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