SEC: Change the Miss. Flag, or NO SEC titles

For Ole Miss or MSU


The “would consider” part means they might or might not ban them. The “championship events in Mississippi” part probably means they don’t have to ban much of anything. What SEC championship events have been held in Mississippi in the recent past? Certainly not the SEC football (Atlanta) or men’s or women’s basketball championships (never in Mississippi so far). Not sure about other sports.

Lose out on volleyball, tennis championships at best lol

They are the last hold out, but their stars and bars version goes back to 1894. I believe far longer than the other states that used the stars and bars. Many added the stars and bars as protest against civil rights and their achievements. Not sure about Mississippi.

Maybe they can get back to their Magnolia State theme and celebrate their pretty state.

What would happen if any African-American (or any for that matter) athlete refuses to play in Mississippi?

What happens if the all did?

What would a school or coach do?

It is high time the students stood up to the bosses.


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Miss St. are the worst fans that I’ve encountered during a Coogs game… Except for Bama fans after we were drilled by Vandy a few years back.

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Why are they just singling out Mississippi if they are going to do that? What about Georgia, who’s flag is the actual confederate flag with a seal in between the stars?

They changed their flag to remove the Confederate battle flag back in 2001, although, to be honest, their current flag looks like the stars and bars and should probably be changed as well.

Because Atlanta is in Georgia…

Not sure what the Atlanta comment meant.

Regarding the GA flag, it was redesigned back in 2003. It sounds good until you get to the end of the explanation when thwy said the design principle was based upon the first Confederate flag. If so that was pretty dumb. They go through that effort to redesign their flag and they land on that concept. Idiotic!

Pretty sure it was intentional.

The battle flag is a clear sign of racism and used by racist groups today. Most people in the south couldn’t even pick the confederate flag out of a lineup. Somebody should have held Georgia to a higher standard redesigning the state flag, but they were probably just happy to get the battle flag out of there.

The funny thing coming out of Mississippi are the people who say they want to keep tradition and the flag means a lot to the state. Mississippi might have the weakest flag history of any state. Went almost 50 years without one, then technically never had an official flag from 1906 to 2001 either. They have never really cared about their flag until now when being told to change.

I’d guess the majority of people defending that flag don’t even realize it’s the battle flag or what it stood for.

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Does Mississippi care about anything. Seems that they are at or near the bottom of every list of states in every expect of human endeavor.

Seems that they are truly a group of people that just wants to be left alone, do nothing, and contribute in no way to broaden the human experience.

Which is OK. Perhaps that is the true meaning of freedom. Whatever floats your boat.

Even in the sport that they love, I don’t see them in the National Championship hunt on a regular basis.

Kind of sad when you are not even good in the one thing you care about.

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There are really only two things it represents:

  1. Racism
  2. Rebellion against the USA

I’ll add ignorance in there.

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I am sure. But why decide to get rid of stars and bars for sensitivity reasons and then design new flag based upon original Confederacy design? Not known by many, but still insane.

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I guess because they could get away with it at the time. I’m with you though. It’s crazy.

My money is on they still wanted to honor their participation the Confederacy but disguised it under the design concept of the 1st flag. Basically hoping few would pick up on it.

I’ll take that back - I’m guessing it was a compromise to agree to delete the stars and bars but to hold onto some link to their Southern heritage.

It appears many here don’t understand the desire by many in some of those states to hold onto their Southern heritage. If you grew up under The Lost Cause it is driven into you that the South’s culture was a just cause. That is what they were taught in their schools from the late 1890s to the 1970s and some into the 80s. From their perspective it isn’t about racism.

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My point is they play a lot of games, including the championship game, in Atlanta. That’s big $$$$…

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