SMU Is Pivotal


SMU is pivotal. It will be the the chance for resurrecting the rest of the season. Beat them handily and all is well. Let the offense take the second half off like they did against Rice and Temple to hold on for a win or heaven forbid get beat, and it will be a a really bad loss.

(G.W.) #2

Wonder how SMU compares to TT as far as offense is concerned.

(Butch) #3

I would think SMU has the better offense with Hicks at quarterback, but the Ponies are still lacking on defense…

(Tom) #4

Put this on the loss column, with UH averaging 20 points against teams with a pulse, Ponies defense has improved and Chad Morris will simply outcoach our sideline.

Agree that it maybe pivotal as far as coaching personnel change

(Cary) #5

If our offense can increase their production and manage 30 points a game, that should be enough for the Coogs to win with our defense more times than not.

If they can reduce penalties in key moments, I think we could have been averaging that in all four of our games thus far.


I agree this is pretty big. I think we win at home.


Big game for UH. Wish our casual fans would see it that way but many will not.


I’m more concerned about SMU’s Defense. 21 sacks so far this year. I think they sacked Ward 7 times last year. CBJ is going to have call roll-out passes because I doubt our line will be able to hold for more than 2 seconds.

If Ed can play at full speed I think we can hold their O to under 30. CBJ/CMA need to give King plenty of reps at QB this week and let him play some there. That’s about the only thing I can think of that we haven’t shown in a game yet. Keep KP and DK on the field at the same time for most series and swap them between QB and WR. Sprint passes with King at QB might work. He has the wheels to avoid the rush and chasing him around should wear SMU out. If we show them offensively what we showed Temple, we’re doomed.

Also, whatever ticky-tack OPI standard the refs are operating on, our receivers need to be coached up on it a lot more. That one called on Corbin at the start of the Temple game, all I saw was some hand jive going on, no push-off by Corbin. And on Jefferson’s TD catch. What did you guys see?

Nevertheless, this is a revenge game for UH so maybe, just maybe, they bring it like there is no tomorrow and we win it going away.


I don’t know what standard they are using either. We have been called for 3 OPI. PI is a judgement call and not subject to review. We have also been called for two targeting fouls which are automatically reviewed and both have been overturned.


Hoping Ed is healthy and wants revenge. Only 3 tackles last year and 38 points scored

(Brad) #11

We need to win this game. Because if we don’t, whatever energy and excitement that exists around the team will dissipate. Losing two home games in a row with our fair weather fans won’t cut it.

(Drew) #12

The Ponies offense is head and shoulders above our O right now. Our offense will need to produce and our defense will need to be stout or this one goes in the L column,


This will be like the Texas Tech game if UH offense is not scoring points we will lose the game.

(Patrick) #14

The call on Corbin was BS. There was nothing there to be called.

The call on Jefferson was because he put his hand on the defender’s back as he was running by. Unfortunately, it was the right call even if I don’t think it really mattered to the play. Jefferson did the same thing in the Arizona game with both of his hands; I agree that someone needs to get with him about that.

(Patrick) #15

Agreed. Win this game and a lot of fears will subside about this season. Lose, and we’re looking at a bad stretch with the offenses that we’re playing the next 4 weeks after this game.

(Patrick) #16

(G.W.) #17

Damn dog, inappropes…


Yes. That’s what I saw too.


Did you re-tweet to the team?

(Patrick) #20

They’ve seen it. It was a pretty big deal when he posted it in the spring. He ended up deleting the original tweet that 308 posted.