Yes Sir!

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I love stewed Okra and Tomatoes goulash style too.

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Had some today out at lunch. Good stuff. The boss grows some in our little garden at home as well. Does pretty well in the Houston heat.


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There you go Davy, making every Coogfan here hungry after lunch! (lol)

I have a friend and fellow Coog whose family is from SW Louisiana. A bonafide Cajun man of mature age. I always thought it was not “real” gumbo without okra. I was shocked when he told me his mom’s gumbo had no okra. I would occasionally troll him on that…but not often cause he’s a big guy.

Knowing the passions about our Coogs (and now food), thought this was a good read on “gumbo history”. This is not intended to inflame passions in a bad way. Cheers.

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Never been a fan of okra, but I’ll eat fried okra & zucchini chips dipped in ranch dressing. My mom use to make gumbo without okra, so it seems like gumbo I get nowadays has way too much okra in it for my taste, most likely because its way cheaper than shrimp or andouille sausage that I love.

Beat Cinci & Smoo!

I’ve heard or read that Ruhle will probably end back up in NFL if he salvaged the Baylor program, and it’s looking as if he might.

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His wife wants back East

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Hey, have any of you guys eaten gumbo with boiled eggs?? My Father-in-laws new wife is from a city not that far from.Lake Charles where she and her family add boiled eggs to it. I’ve had some of her gumbo, and it is good, but my family don’t add boiled eggs. Just curious how many have??

That would be great, but SMU has such a long way to go. They’re still not much more popular with Dallasites than Rice is with Houstonians. What I wouldn’t rule out is the ACC approaching UH and Cincinnati. Within three years they’d be adding the #7 and #11 media markets (Greater Dayton will soon merge with Greater Cincinnati), roughly 9 million viewers, about as much as the population of Michigan. And UH and Cincinnati are good draws in their markets, at least when they’re playing meaningful games, which they typically would be in a P5 conference. The league would expand into fertile recruiting territory and ensure their basketball was the clear king of the hill. Probably would depend on ESPN. Would they be interested in enhancing the value of the ACC while devaluing the AAC? I don’t know,


You’re eating okra that was left on the plant too long or on the shelf too long. If you pick it young and eat it soon after it isn’t woody.

Okra, good. SMU bad.


“Eat it. Because you’re not getting anything else”.


“No, the mascot’s name is Peruna.”
“Oh… I see… it WILL be Purina.”

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Okra and black eyed or purple hull peas …
Okra and tomatoes …
Okra in gumbo …
Pickled okra …

All excellent, but grandma’s version of fried okra tops the list.

Cut it and let it make some snot. Roll it in corn meal, salt and pepper. Pan fried in a hot cast iron skillet with just a touch of bacon grease until the edges turn black.

You’ll never eat the typical version of “battered” fried gumbo again.

Plain old boiled okra is disgusting :joy::joy::joy:

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National Gumbo Day is Saturday: