So next season won't start at Fertitta Center?


That’s dissapointing

(Jerrycoog) #2

I’m assuming its because they got behind because of Harvey.

(Patrick) #3

Yep. A lot of projects were delayed because of Harvey.

Hopefully the Fertitta Center will be ready by early December and not Christmas time.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #4

That’s OK…The games were fun over there. Everyone was gracious and friendly. It didn’t take long before I had the home court feel at games. And the concessions were far and away better than we had at Hofheinz. That said I’m really looking forward to opening our new place. With the team I think we’ll have and playing in new digs it’s gonna be a fun conference season!!


(Dan) #5

Can we buy TSU’s rims? They seem to like us.


Behind schedule, is behind schedule.
Multi million dollar projects don’t get a pass.
The lack of information coming out of Cullen is disconcerting.
A lot of season tickets are being sold for Fertitta Center, not TSU.


Wish I could say I was surprised.

(Craig Wiggins) #8

Well at least it wasn’t till a month before the season started, like it would have been more likely with the previous AD’s we’ve had.

(Jimmy Morris) #9

Even if they got a month behind schedule somehow ( construction restarted in less than a week ) it seems like an experienced construction company would know that you plan for delays on a project that has a 18 month deadline. I’m betting many of the early projects have taken longer than they initial said they would take which means the same could happen with future projects pushing it back even more.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

Probably should wait until people are in their seats before giving props. Giving a minor setback is probably to save on requests for donation refunds. A bigger setback could probably be announced right before the season starts. Hopefully not.

(Cristian) #11

It wasnt just Harvey. We also had the low freezing temperatures, the 4 days of continuous rain, sporadic hot days. Im surprised they didnt say it earlier because it was bound to happen. I mean this is houston theyre still re-building some hwy’s for what seems like decades :sweat_smile:.

(Patrick) #12

Agreed, glad Pezman came clean now as opposed to later on. The delays have been known for awhile, going back to when Yurachek was still AD, but weren’t announced by him. Not surprising, considering his last public message was used to basically chastise Houston fans for not supporting the athletes enough instead of coming clean about the status of the facilities. And then he left shortly after…:roll_eyes:

This isn’t the only project that was delayed either; the baseball development facility, football indoor practice facility, and the AAC restructure all had/are having delays as well.

(Chris) #13

Harvey affected us but more importantly it affected an entire region and industry. Construction delays happen all the time. Harvey made it nearly impossible for so many. Most construction workers are contractors. Who knows what is happening behind the scenes. I do not live in Houston anymore but when you hear that some neighborhoods are still empty a delay for our new Fertitta center is not that big of a deal. It was very timely for Chris to come out and at least inform everyone. Like so many of you have said we have not been the best communicators.
Getting the rims is a great idea.

(Cougarpad) #14

I don’t have any info, but is UH doing a real search or are they just giving the construction jobs to alumni who own construction companies? I am all for them doing business with alumni, but it should not be at the expense of quality and timely completion. It should be the best construction company chosen and not just the alumni who will throw money at the University.

(Patrick) #15

The Fertitta Center construction is being handled by Turner Construction, a company based out of New York with no ties to UH.


Texas has all sorts of rules for publicly funded institutions concerning how contractors/vendors are supposed to be selected. If UH followed the rules for the Fertitta Center job, any Alumni who won bids, won them fair and square.

Now, the hiring of the sub-contractors isn’t covered by state law, they just have to be properly qualified for the work. So, whoever the general contractor is, could have hired his brother-in-law as a sub even if he isn’t very good and there’s nothing UH can do about it until and if bad workmanship rears its ugly head.

Does anyone know who UH hired as the project manager? That’s the guy that really is supposed to be our champion and drive the GC and subs to get the job done.

(Patrick) #17

Project Manager is Mei Chang, who’s in UH’s admin and finance division and has been with the University for 12 years.


Doesn’t sound like he’s a professional PM. Has he managed other projects like this before?

(Patrick) #19

Not sure. Looks like Chang’s been in charge of quite a few construction projects on campus to include Cougar Village, the Calhoun Lofts, the UC renovation, and is also in charge of the baseball clubhouse. The Fertitta Center may be the biggest project Chang’s been assigned to.


No, he hasn’t managed other projects like this before, but that’s mainly because he is a she. And, she has lots of experience in building big projects on UH’s campus.