So we keep Htown takeover?

(Munzell Milluns) #21

I think we need to shorten “for the city” and use it like Miami co-opted “The U”. We should become, “The City”.

(Joe ) #22

I’d like the UH FB program to do more to emphasize the strong history of the program, dating back to Bill Yeoman and SWC-era. Similar to what men’s BB is currently doing. One thing Herman did well was the Monday morning press conferences. He was lively and entertaining to listen to. I’m hoping CDH takes a similar approach.


I think H-Towntakeoever has run its course.

I think all the sports should jump on the FOR THE CITY slogan.

Its strong, universal and unifying.


We could be like the old Odessa Permian teams and have the MOJO slogan :joy:


San Francisco owns that one…Golden State use that one.


In you opinion, not by mine. HTOWN TAKEOVER…is our goal every year. Keep it.

For the City basketball can keep it.

(Brad) #27

You can’t use HTown takeover if you are forced to fill your team with juco, transfers and people whose only legit D1 offer is Houston. If no Houston high school four stars are willing to come here, HTown Takeover is meaningless.


How many times are we taking over the city? If we were good at it, once.
Let it go and create something new for the Red Bull regime.
Bring back the old red jerseys with white pants, red helmets and interlocking UH.

(Westhoff) #29

I definitely think we should bring in some new uniforms for next season to really emphasize the new era. A new slogan might be really nice too, not sure what it could be though.

Maybe our new slogan could be something like #htowndominate.


Htowntakover is fine. The problem we had was running a hashtag like “HtownTakeover” with a guy who has a bland wet blanket personality. The Takeover tag line has to be carried out with enthusiasm. It needs charisma. If you send Charlie Brown out to implement HtownTakover—it aint gunna work.


Well getting a new coach this late in the season will do that…with that said, HTown Takeover don’t lose its meaning because hiring/FIRING.

(Patrick) #32

“The H” would work

(Mark Jacob) #33

And more cow bell!


Like the “H” in the Astros logo. You know it is Houston, no matter where you go.


“I’ve got a fever! And the only prescription is more…”

Womp! Womp!!! lol love that skit. :smile:

(zx504) #36

YES!!! The #HTownTakeover is for real and must stay!

(VancouverCOOG) #37

It works. Keep it.

(Brad) #38

I’d like the see a third accent color to help create a unique brand. My vote for awhile has been Columbia Blue. No one is using this combination of colors that I know of, and it has an identity in Houston. Want to get this city behind the cougars? Add Columbia blue to the red and white. Kind of like below but with a red jersey and helmet. Yes, I’ll duck now.


Yes Sir, lets do it!!! Love the Columbian Blue with the Red and White…yes!

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #40

I also would be good with Columbia Blue. It brings back the memories (even the let downs) that remind me of my youth, my team and being “Houston Proud”.

The city and area are a lot different now, and when I go back there it’s like all the other cities I visit across the continent, I’m just a visitor. So any reminder of “the days” . . . I’m down for it.

Go Red, White and Columbia Blue!