So we keep Htown takeover?


I thought it was “We are Jordan”

Just kidding, Just Kidding

(Dustin K) #42

Create something new or bring something old back? Make up your mind.

(Dustin K) #43

Maybe some Columbia blue for like a special uniform. One that can be auctioned or merchandised well.


Wait. Another new school color? I still don’t understand the Gray Coogs (the gray uniforms).


Please reread my post. My mind IS made up. Can the Takeover and bring back the old jerseys! What’s so confusing about that?


Noooo!!! to added colors of Columbia blue. Traditional red and white with an occasional blackout works for me. We already have our own identity and that blue color died off with the Oilers!

(Munzell Milluns) #47

I love “The H”.

Its short and perfect.

(Marcus) #48

Hail red!
Hail white!
Hail Columbia blue!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

(Al) #49

Talk to me about getting off of meds!!! We have school colors, not Oiler colors! Quick ---- DUCK!

Some of you really get dangerous with time on your hands. Go back to predicting scores, or coaching changes, or the stock market !!:joy::zipper_mouth_face:

(Paul Marlow) #50

I like any branding that ties the school to the city name.

(Brad) #51

I think adding Columbia blue is the most powerful marketing thing the school could do to capture the attention of the city and sell a whole lot of merchandise.

(Al) #52

More important than winning games? Winning our conference championship? Recruiting best players in Texas? Attracting best coaches?
Selling more season tickets? Getting alumni to donate more money?

(Brad) #53

I said “marketing thing”. All those things you mentioned are results, and marketing is a small piece of helping the school achieve those results.



(Ben) #55

Maybe we could add Columbia Blue from Oilers, Orange from Astros, Maroon from TSU, Blue from Rice (Blue and Orange would cover HBU, too) and . . . . . who have I left out ? ? ? ? ? Maybe even some Red and White from U of H . . . . .


HTownTakeover can go, we’ve worn that out. I’m good with the uni’s if we kept them… always open to something new. What i’d love to see are new end zones. Never liked the current ones. Nice big and simple like we’ve had in our bowl games and the kickoff game vs OK would be nice. HOUSTON. COUGARS. No skyline, no cougar head, and surely no maroon.

(Thomas) #57



H-Town Takeover is a great slogan. Keep it.

As far as new uniforms are concerned, I like the red and silver combination with red chrome or silver chrome helmets with UH logo.

(Jerrycoog) #59

Its going to be a long off season.

(Patrick) #60

Would love the jerseys from the homecoming game to be the permanent ones.