(Eric Prado) #1

What are you guys doing this Saturday?

Bye weeks blow…


Contemplating what could have been if King had started the whole season at qb.

(PortlandCoog) #3

Performing our 13 straight months of sellout shows for my radio theater production I produce…


Playing golf and comtemplating what could have been if King had started the whole season at QB.




Pretty solid lineup of college football games this week. Good week to have a bye.


Will prob contemplate what would have happened if we boxed out Lorenzo Charles and what would have happened if we started King all season


We just have to put this season behind us. Everything that happened this year wont even matter next season.

The fact that we now know who our QB is, CMA can fully prepare a playbook during the offseason.

Next year will be great

(Jimmy Morris) #9

That would be a big what if though. If he had not been injured in August and started against Arizona, would he have made it this many games healthy? If he struggled any games, how many threads would there be about giving Allen a chance?

I think people should just be happy that King eventually got healthy enough to make up for all the practice reps he missed last Spring and was ready enough to come in when he did.

(Dustin K) #10

I keep forgetting there is no game Saturday.

(shharper01) #11

hosting a girls high school swim team party.
rooting for the Hawks – Jay and War variety.
hoops tmw night!

(Patrick) #12

Hoops tomorrow night.

Try to finish getting the house in order and see if I can swing going to New Orleans next week.

(Trent) #13

Taking the kiddo to Long Beach, WA to get out of our little town for a couple of days. Mama is coaching at the state swim meet, we already had the girls high school swim team party.

(Ryon Adams) #14

Answer: Enjoying a Veteran’s Day weekend on the Big Island with my wife!


Walking in the M.D. Anderson Boot Walk to end Cancer Saturday in the Medical Center.

(WRB) #16

It’s deer season. At the ranch with all the kids and grandkids.


Power Steering flush on my car and replace cracked return hose. Cleaning out garage. Plant some fall vegetables.

(Alan Tran) #18

Will be in the cow town trolling hard and hoping they lose to Kansas.

(Cary) #19

Happy Veteran’s Day, man!

(Chris) #20

Girls soccer tonight.
Attempting to repair a sliding door in my oldest girl’s room.
Wife is taking my youngest to a party so I will take the oldest to play mini-golf/put put.
Teach my young pup that it is not okay to jump all over the house. He is part Aussie and six months old.
Watch some Soccer, Rugby and Case.
Have a talk with the Javelinas on why they zero in on our house.
Making sure that my wife and I have some time together.
Happy Veterans day. It started with the armistice from the war of all wars to tomorrow, today and every day. Without you none of us would be free today. Thank you.