Spring game for OOTCs

(Jim Fletcher) #1


The message says they will go live at 1pm…

Is it working for anyone else yet?


OK, so I dont have Facebook. Leaning on you guys to report…



There are many things I will go through to watch my Coogs but getting a Facebook account is not one of them.


So…how is it looking?

(Charles) #6

Not on yet. Said it’s delayed.

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #7

I’m getting:

(jimmyschofield) #8

It was always scheduled to start at 3:30pm CST. Kicking off in a few.


I am not a Facebook member and I’m watching it right now.

Just go to their Facebook page and click on the video live link on the left.

Then to avoid the sign in banner, expand the screen to full screen and there it is.


Looked like a good deep ball King to Lark, but the DB fell down

(J V ) #11

Is it on?

(Cristian) #12

To me it’s looking like they have qb figured out king Bryson tune in that order.


yes its about to be halftime

(J V ) #14

What’s the turnout like?

The Facebook link work? I can’t seem to get it to work.


Thanks JD. All of a sudden I am unable to see any video only audio on any video!!


Another pretty solid deep ball from King, this time to Mark. Also I missed the throw, but nice yardage to Lark right after it


king has been pin point accurate on passes 35 to 60yds…but missed a couple 5-10yd chippys


Who is #14 on offense?


julon, 4th string qb/ slot receiver

(jimmyschofield) #20

It’s windy out there, up to 20mph. Have to take that into account when analyzing the passing game.