Texas and Alabama sign home and home/ Bama gets $6 million to play USC in Arlington in 2020

Per Chronicle, Tx and Alabama playing home and home 2022 and 2023,

Jesus this is gonna be huge

Wonder if Tommy will still be around for those games.


2 L’s for UT and it aint even 2020 yet.


They have also released part of their non-conference schedule all the way up to 2027. I have to say it looks pretty amazing:

2018: USC
2019: vs LSU
2020: at LSU
2021: at Arkansas
2022: vs Alabama
2023: at Alabama
2024: at Michigan
2025: vs Ohio State
2026: at Ohio State
2027: vs Michigan

Pretty sure the networks had as much to do with creating these match ups as the programs themselves. Past UT games with USC, ND, Michigan, Alabama, Ohio State have been ratings giants.

They also play Rice in 2019, 2021, 2023. Wonder if Fertitta could pull some strings some how get UT to replace one of the Rice games for UH, or slot in UT in one of their as yet undecided non-conference games in the next 7 years!

UT will never schedule UH


Of course not - they might lose!


yeah they scared. i hate that they have to duck us but will schedule rice. oh well.

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Is Saban retired by 2022?

When UT scheduled Alabama, they dropped UCF


would you rather have a program on Rice’s level? If we sucked they would be jumping out of their shoes to play us

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that’s a schedule built for a team that thinks it can compete for a Natl Champ, win the conf and win the big OOC game and you’re in the playoff

No P5 team is going to schedule UH in Houston as long as Rice is available.

It’s an easy win and easy access to Houston recruits at the same time.

Is there any way they can get politicians to have some kind of law for in-state schools to play each other like they did in Iowa?

It might be a good way to bring back UT vs A&M and also have UH rotate in other years.



North Carolina has a law too which is why ECU gets to play UNC and NC State.

Doubtful a law gets passed like that in Texas. You’d have to get past all the Horn and Aggies in the legislature as well as the Tech, Baylor, and TCU alums that will vote with Horn to make them happy.


Well it looks like UT vs A&M won’t happen for a long time.

M’eh. But that is a nice OOC.

Only good thing about this series is one of the teams has to lose.


Bama getting $6 million just to play a OOC neutral game.

Rice does play Texas and LSU in Houston but neither team needs to play here in order to get Houston area recruits.

Aside from those behemoths Rice’s home schedule doesn’t have anyone of interest that’s P5.

So I’ll say it’s more a matter of our previous AD’s not having connections or salesmanship to explain why our P5 home scheduling is light.


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