The Baylor scandal hasn’t kept Kendal Briles from the recruiting trail in Texas

(Patrick) #1

Briles’s track record as a recruiter and offensive architect was the draw for Houston, which went 7-5 in Applewhite’s first season with an offense that scored 28.3 points per game, 65th out of 129 FBS schools. Under Briles’s direction, FAU finished last season ranked eighth in major-college football in scoring (40.6 points per game) and ninth in yards per game (494.8). In 2015, the first of Briles’s two years as offensive coordinator at Baylor, the Bears led the nation in total offense, with 616.2 yards per game, and scoring, with a 48.1-point average. Scout named Briles the Big 12 recruiter of the year twice, and in 2015 he was a finalist for the Frank Broyles Award as the top assistant coach in college football.


This is from the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post which has dumped honest journalism to become just another scandal sheet like the National Inquirer.

(Patrick) #3

To be fair, and I don’t want to get into a political discussion on this board, the article doesn’t sensationalize anything about the situation. It mentions on multiple occasions that Briles wasn’t directly implicated in the Baylor scandal nor was he named in the Pepper Hamilton report. The article also mentions the steps that UH has taken to vet Briles.

Other than the Brenda Tracy stuff, which has been part of the story, this isn’t a negative article. Everything else stated is factual and it ends with Briles’ quote from the news conference.

If you choose not to read it because of your beliefs, that’s fine, but please be careful in regards to bringing politics onto this board.

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This is pretty fairly written, nothing new here at all.


When I heard that UH hired Kendal, I was elated, knowing that UH hired the best OC in the country that was available; and, he wanted to come to UH. Aside from an immediate improvement in offensive performance to be witnessed next season, we should see improved recruiting for 2019.


I’m confident that our 2019 and 2020 recruiting will be among the best we’ve seen since in many years.


Bringing him in while we’re still barely on the coattails of the herman years was perfect timing. One or two more years of mediocrity would absolutely kill us. Time to make some damn noise again. Esp with the out of conference schedule we have ahead of us the next few years.

(itcoog) #8

We could have never hired him if not for Baylor issue. Glad he is here.

(Patrick) #9

This is good, as long as there isn’t an agenda on either side

(itcoog) #10

This is great news. Its a opportunity to heal and redeem. To learn from each other and teach. So hopeful that this pans out.

(Bryant Hargrave) #11

Unfortunately, there’s always an agenda for both parties. We want the positive PR and “fence mending” image for KB. She wants to be the strongest voice in the room going to a program with a Briles to affect positive change. I at least think that’s everyone’s agenda, or it’ll get really ugly really fast.

(J V ) #12

I get where Kendal is in rehab mode for his image and it benefits UH. He was one and done at FAU. Would he be one and done at Houston? If the team has a great year and maybe not even that I suspect bigger programs will come calling. With coordinators now making close to 2 million how can UH keep him?

(Bryant Hargrave) #13

If the right job comes along I guarantee he’s one and done, and by right job I mean P5 coordinator especially in Texas.

(itcoog) #14

I don’t think kb is looking for anything less than head coach. If applewhite leaves after s few ny6 seasons look for kb to succeed applewhite.

(Mike Higdon) #15

Here is an alert! Our 2019 class will not be as highly rated as it could be!

We already have several transfers attributed to the 2019 class. They are really good players, but are not counted toward our national rating. Therefore if we have only 20 spots available, we will rank below teams that have 25. so be prepared for the lower ratings – even if our class has transfers better than any players of the other teams with more spots available. For example Deontay Anderson will count against class but will not count in standings.


I agree. I think it also depends on how loyal CKB is to CMA. He may feel obligated to follow, since CMA gave him a shot.


Cma gave him a shot?

Briles already had a job at FAU. The only way cma has ny6 bowls will be because of briles. Briles would not be without offers after next year.

If anything, cma would be replaced by briles as coach, despite however long applewhite will have left on his contract.


Let me clarify. CMA gave him a shot to coach here. Also, he was more than welcomed to take those other offers up, but he didn’t.

(Cristian) #19

So you’re telling me Briles is going to be responsible for a potential NY6 win and not the guy that put the team together with a strong defense… really man?


If we go to a ny6 and the only major difference in staff is briles and his offense then you do the logistical math.