The Blaze

(Eric) #1

whats the status of The Blaze? I didn’t go to the Arizona game but I don’t remember hearing it while watching it on TV.

I know there was a “go fund me” to raise funds to fix it last year (???)

I feel like thats a big piece of our football program, it needs to be back!

(YaW00CougarFootball) #2

Still not working. It’s at the games but I think it’s still requiring some outdated parts.

(Nathan) #3

Yep. It was at the game but I never heard it. I was missing it.

(J V ) #4

I dont get it. I donated a while back, along with others, to get it fixed. Why not just gut it, keep the shell and just come up with a way to replicate the sound. Maybe it’s to simple in my mind, a recording, a computer, a sound system amp and the speaker. Is that too easy or am I missing something?


They could just play the audio on the Jumbotron right?

(Trent) #6

There have to be oilfield sirens out there, the refineries in my small town in Washington blow theirs at noon everyday to signal lunch break. Is it that much worse to replace the whole thing than to find old parts?

(Eric) #7

who would be the person to contact about this?

I mean seriously, what are we supposed to do when we score? cheer? pffff… I want a siren!

(WRB) #8

And fireworks.


So what did they do with the gofund me money that was raised? I would think they could do some sort of fundraiser at Frontier Fiesta, if they still call it that.

The only thing I’d ask is if they bring it back don’t play it with the fireworks and then music on the sound system plus the band. I know I’m old but I miss the days of the band and blaze. Just use the stadium music to fill in the gaps. Sometimes it seems like all the pieces are stepping on each other.

(Eric) #10

agree 100% with this

(norb) #11

Or how about an air siren, like the original one during run and shoot, before the contrived “dream” conception of the frontiersmen and oil field siren. The air siren sounded cooler and not as ear piercing as the oil field siren. Oh and get rid of the dusters, they look silly.


We should just all smuggle these in…


Never liked the Blaze. Glad it’s gone. Would rather prefer those Air Raid siren things.

(Eric) #14

thats, what the blaze is…

(J V ) #15

I like it. I just cant fathom why they cant find a solution. Maybe they should stop trying to source old parts and electronics.

(Patrick) #16

It was there…they showed it in the highlight video, but I don’t remember them using it last game. Heat might have gotten to my brain though so I don’t know if it actually was used or not.

I know the fireworks went off though.


No, it’s more of an oil rig siren thing. It sucks. The WWII air raid sirens would be better but m’eh.

(Nathan) #18

I miss the Blaze. Hope they can get it repaired soon.

(zx504) #19

We need the Air Raid siren back!

(J V ) #20

I helped in the past with a go fund me to get it fixed, guess they didn’t fix it.