The PAC 12 in Bowl Games

Finished 1-8. They are a “Power” Conference.


Where’s j1965 or whatever Arizona Jim goes by?

Maybe after he condescends us a bit next time, he’ll take a few minutes to spin this.

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I don’t think he has posted on this site since the Bevo 10 expansion fiasco.

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Arizona was the only PAC 12 Team left in March Madness, as a 4 seed, and were blown out last night by Buffalo. Largest loss by a 4 seed in an opening game ever.


We need to change the American’s war cry. We are P5. There is no P6.


We have all heard the rumors that USC is not happy with the PAC 12 money and exposure. Wouldn’t be a real kick in the teeth if USC and UCLA moved to the B12 with UT and OU staying. Then It would be the PAC that would collapse. Where is the dude from Arizona that used to post here. I wonder what he would think.

That guy was crazy and entertained by some folks on here. Despite an atrocious television deal the guy felt UH would have to buy into the network for equity. If anything UH could be a full equity partner in the Pac12 network on year one to keep the darned thing afloat. We may have to buy Into the conference itself but the network that’s on so few TV sets, no way.


The most likely thing to happen is cooperation between the big12 and the pac for games and then a jointly owned bowl like with the big 12 and sec. that way the big 12 doesn’t have to expand and still takes in loads of money

That helps the B12 but does not really address the financial weaknesses of the PAC which is why USC is threatening to leave

USC and UCLA arent going to leave, but they are going to get louder and more demanding about something being done.Expansion greatly increases exposure by getting the PAC 12 into the central time zone and i would certainly hope money would improve with a bigger, BETTER PAC 16. PAC 12 chances for Big Dance bids and new years day bowl game bids certainly goes up.

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That is my hope. The PAC needs teams in the central time zone and I truly hope that UH is one of them. They also need to look at the PAC 12 network because it is not really working. It is consuming almost all the income it generates and has little to spin off to the schools.

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Why do they need teams in the central time zone?

The only time slot the pac is missing is the noon eastern time games but from 3pm eastern onwards they are good.

Even the noon start can be addressed by getting Colorado and Utah to play at home at 10am local.

The pac’s problem is their network.

A pact with the big 12 would provide marginal uptick in revenue to the pac so you’re right that it may not keep USC from grumbling.

I doubt they would view that as a realistic option. In current arrangement they are shut out of early starts. I know a lot of folks grumble about 11am/noon home kickoffs but if that was part of the deal for PAC12 I think we would swallow the pill gladly.


of COURSE a major PAC 12 problem is their network! It doesnt have any appeal to viewers east of the Rockies…You seriously fail to see how adding 4 central time zone teams in midwest/southwest brings millions of potential new viewers for their conference network?? Expansion will end their west coast isolation and make them a more national appealing brand. They are FAR behind other P5s in tv revenue…


If adding 4 Central time zone teams will help Pac, then how will adding just UH solve their problems?

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