The tricky problem of the transition recruiting class

It’s not exactly our situation but its got some pretty cool stats to help understand the mentality of a new head coach.

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Interesting news.


The fact that ESPN is printing this story tells me that they are actively trying to kill the BigXII.


What do you think their end-game is?

Four 16-team conferences with a 4-champion playoff. Get rid of the dead weight in the LittleXII - KSU, ISU, TT, Baylor, OSU, WVU (small rural communities with no TV market). TCU to ACC. Kansas to B1G. OU and Texas to PAC.


UH ?

Who knows? It all depends on Aresco getting the AAC away from ESPN. Right now they get great numbers for cheap with us! Why screw that up?!? If we are on another network with a new TV deal pulling great numbers and ESPN is threatened, then we might have a chance of being the last one in.

UH will go PAC or BIG, depending on how things shake out…likely PAC…they will want to go to 16…its coming…and PAC is a FOX conference… what ESPN wants doesnt mean much…Next shakeup is when BIG and PAC tv deals expire in 2021 and 2022…

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If my eyes weren’t already open, the Tom Herman situation teach me that UH needs to leave the AAC as soon as they can. P5 teams have a major advantage in football.

They have a major advantage in athletics. $5M conference split vs $25M (p5)

Well, football might be the money sport but that is only 4-5 months of the year. ESPN needs programming 12 months of the year… what would doing that to football turn around and do to basketball and other sports inventory? Would they cut off their nose to spite their face in that regard? Because when you start changing things, some of the schools without football teams or with weaker teams might be looking to change too.

I am watching the Las Vegas/Raiders situation. This could have some major impact for a possible expansion.

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His staff is taking a careful approach with this year’s group, preferring recruits they developed relationships with while at Houston.

Glad he was able to use our money to help him recruit guys to Texas. So far, he’s only grabbed 2 of our commits, but also grabbed some guys that he was recruiting at Houston.

I know, I know…sour grapes and all.

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At Houston in 2016, Herman signed five-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver (No. 4 in the ESPN 300), which is one more five-star recruit than the entire Big 12 has signed since 2013. The last time the conference signed a five-star player was 2012 when Texas landed running back Johnathan Gray.

Crazy stat.

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Speaks a lot about the 12BIG…

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Competitive, not as much in basketball. You have the Gonzaga’s and Butler’s. You can compete for a National Championship.

Texas will have a smaller class in 2017. Thanks to Charlie Strong landing a few back to back talented classes.

Funny thing that everyone keeps omitting is that Herman didn’t recruit big Ed to UH…

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He may not have directly but you know Ed was looking at the state of the program in general under Herman. That definitely played a part. Ed isn’t coming to UH if Levine is still running the show. There’s nothing wrong with admitting we benefited some while the old coach was here. He’s gone so we move on like we are. I’m actually impressed with how the class is coming together considering the staff is under the gun following the coaching change.


FACTS! and NOT the alternative type. Lol

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