The Two Things Bedeviling Our Team This Season

Awesome guard play by your Arizona boys last night. Put up 52 points and lost by 15 at home to a very average UCLA team


Jamal Shead & Idaho transfer will help a bunch next season. We’re okay this season as well.

This is what I think will happen this year, UH will click during conference tournament time and we will win that and get a 6 seed and be dangerous because team will have gotten hot.

Wishful thinking. Bottom feeders from Big 12, SEC, ACC will fill that round up

Looks like I hit a nerve with Randy.

Huh?. What round.

Sorry I was talking about someone who thinks we will get a six seed…Hope we do but, I doubt it unless we win out and win our tourney…and if we do I doubt we get more than two teams in…

If both Grimes and Deeky are back next year, so will Shead take minutes from? And don’t forget we have red shirt Roberts who will be a freshman next year…coach is really high on him as a rebounder…

we are a 7-seed right now…if we win out then we will be a 4 or a 5 seed.

Maybe, but winning out is not an easy fete, to say the least. If we lose two or less the rest of the way I will be elated…it should get us a conference title, but will it be good enough to get us a six or better seed? I hope so, but I don’t trust those P5 committees…lol…just win and let the chips fall…btw I was trying to be funny about the bottom feeders from the so called big boy conferences taking all the six seed spots…

This is not football. P5 nonsense occurs in football. NET is what the NET is, besides bracket matrix has been dead on about us last two years. Right now it has us pegged at 7. I think we lose 1 or 2 by the end of tournament which should comfortably put in the 6-seed

If you don’t think that P5 doesn’t exist in hoops, then you are fooling yourself. Yes, we can actually compete for a national title in hoops, but it don’t mean we will get a fair shake when it comes to seeding. But I do agree that the bracket matrix is pretty good. Let’s hope it holds up

Don’t kid yourself. P5 bias is alive and well in basketball.

Last year, 3 teams with losing conference records made the dance.

You guessed it, all P5.


Lets agree to disagree. At some point SOS has to matter, teams from bad conferences with poor SOS should not be admitted.

Agree, I think that ANY school that cannot win 1/2 of its’ conference games should NEVER be in the dance.

I don’t care what conference they are from.


That’s ridiculous. Some years ACC has 10+ teams in the dance, the conference record wont be good at all for many tourney deserving teams in a conference like ACC. Like I said, lets agree to disagree

Let’s not kid ourselves…this tourney is about $$$$$$…The “committee” knows this and thus steers the $$$$$ to the P5 boys !!!

Smaller conferences (who could use some of the $$$) get screwed every year.


I’m thinking we win out , win tourney and end up a 4 or 5 seed and do some damage … grimes has woken up …

There is no reason to think that if we win out and do serious damage in the conference tournament that a two or three seed is not attainable. There are enough quality games left to earn that type of seeding.


If Memphis and Tulsa keep losing, there aren’t that many opportunities

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