Thoughts for 2019 FB season

Oklahoma - Loss (but who knows)
Prairie View - Win
Washington State - Win (6 hour game)
Tulane -Win (no one is overlooking them anymore)
North Texas - Win (scary game)
Cincinnati- Win (at home)
UConn - Win
SMU -Win
UCF - loss (on the road)
Memphis - Win (got to beat them sometime)
Tulsa - Win
Navy - Win


That Cincy game makes me nervous. Their no slouch.

Me too but I think we win at home.

@OU - L


Wazzu - L

@Tulane - W

@UNT - W

Cincinnati - L

@UConn - W


@UCF - L

Memphis - L

@Tulsa - W

Navy - W

7-5. And @Tulane and @UNT are eminently losable games this year.


Need to beat Mumphish. Their team is dirty and their fans suck arse.


7-5 is right where I’m at, athough no one should be surprised or upset with 6-6.

Without Briles, Major would be 4-8 against this schedule. At best. So 6-6 is actually a 2-game improvement.



So does removing D’Nafrio erase the loss of Ed? Ed made such a big impact, but I feel like the addition of all the JC guys on the defensive line and back end make the guys already in the program better on defense.


CDH has said in an interview after spring ball the DL (out of DL, Secondary, LB) is going to be the strength of the defense this year. Surprising due to several things:

  1. No Ed.
  2. Army decimated our admittedly dinged up DL in their last game. Not a CMD fan, but we played some of our best D against option teams during CMD’s tenure. He was gone by that game though.
  3. We tend to reload at LB. The last few years they’ve ranged from serviceable to NFL prospect good.
  4. Safety should be a position of strength this year. This quote was also before the secondary transfers so CDH may feel differently now.

No D and Briles both contributed to losses last season. We needed major upgrades on both sides of the ball.


I don’t see us losing against WaZzu if Oklahoma beats us.

Memphis ???

It’s going to be a tough start to the season so I’m guessing 7-5.

The “Golden Boy” Briles had over a month to prepare for the bowl game. We scored 14 points.


Not trying to nitpick, but we didn’t score 47 points per game last year. We scored 43.9. West Virginia scored 40.3. With the talent CDH has to work with on the offensive side of the ball and assuming a healthy D’Eriq King, I think this year’s offense will put up just as many points as last year, but in a much more controlled fashion. I also think our defense will create more turnovers than last year, which will give the offense more opportunities to score with shorter fields. As talented as Ed was, the upgrade in defensive coaching and scheme will far outweigh the loss of Ed.

The schedule is significantly harder this year, so if I had to pick a final record, I’d say 8-4, but hoping for 10-2. I think we’ll lose to both OU and Wazzu. If we lose 2 in conference, it will be Cincy and Memphis. UCF is very much beatable, even at home, with no McKenzie Milton.


Get him! Lol

So, we lose to any team with a pulse this year is what I’m getting from your projection. Should have just kept Applewhite if this were going to be the case.

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our season rides on how good our db unit will be

  1. because they were horrible last season
  2. we play 3 elite air raids in the 1st 5 games

we’ve brought in like 4 dbs in the last month or so, so there is reason to have hope

with that said were a top 5 offensive , and return just about everyone, then added a few touted players in to the mix…

ill say 9-3…but will leave 12-1 on the table

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I think that 7 is the low number, we win at least 7, probably a couple more. A 9 win season and a bowl win would be a good first year. That said, with a lethal offense, an improved defense and improved coaching all around and some key injured back, transfers and experience from last year due to others being injured should do the trick.

I say 9-3 or better

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No reason for us to lose to any team without the initials OU and UCF.

We should not lose Memphis or Cincinnati at home or any of the other teams a on the road.

We need to beat WSU to gain some traction.

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