Thoughts on USF start time

(James Duncan) #61

That’s just bad timing for UH. On a side note if it happens to be Astros Brewers for the title that’s gonna be quite strange for those fans who left after the strike.

I’d wager these are the only teams ever to switch leagues and this is for a sport that dates back two centuries

(Cougarpad) #62

Somebody literally questioned my Coog Fandom, so I will respond. All my friends that are none UH supporters would call me a fanatic. I just don’t like when people on this board challenge the Fandom of other posters. My dad and I have had season tickets for over 10 years, and I probably have not missed less than 10 games. I have season tickets for basketball. While a student in Coog Crew I probably attended more non revenue sporting events than many on this board than I can count like softball and women’s basketball.

Clearly, some on this are not baseball fans and don’t understand the significance of the World Series, especially if you are a Houstonian raised as an Astros fan. I probably will go to the UH game if the times overlap, but it doesn’t change the fact there would be a fight for my attention during the game. I am hoping it is a 3:30 game so not even an issue.

(Russel ) #63

Your missing the point my man!


Right and there’s nothing more exciting than watching a world series game on delay and totally avoiding the result via text or social media. It’s 1 UH game vs a directional school and you’re arguing over a conflict that doesn’t even exist yet.

(PMM) #65

No I didn’t !!

I’ve already stated that everyone has to make their own decisions and stated my opinion.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about pro sports. You do.

So be it !

(PMM) #66

It’s a time saver. Can condense a 3 hour BB game to about 20 minutes !!


Obviously, but people don’t want to do that and most people don’t time shift live sports. You can go to the UH game, no one cares and enjoy yourself.

(PMM) #68

I will…and thank you !


Baseball is so boring, there is no way people watch that sport without drinking.

(Mark Shapiro) #70

I’m struggling with tonight. The Coogs are on opposite game 1 of the ALCS. I’ll have the Astros on my TV and the Coogs on my iPad on the coffee table.

(Cougarpad) #71

I have two TVs side by side. One will have the UH game and the other the Astros.


Blasphemy! You must put Coogs on both TVs to max television ratings or else you’re a terrible fan!


My plan exactly

(Timothy Q. Chan) #74

Let’s Beat Boston.


You haven’t made a decision and you are already upset. Take it easy ‘Stroster!
By the way I have been to a ton of UH softball games including games in Oklahoma and California. Doesn’t make either one of us a good or bad Coog.


I feel for you…Dallas recognizes nothing Houston. Two years in Grand Praire, TX and I couldn’t wait to get back k to Houston…plus I can’t stand the snow and being snowed in like what happened a few years ago. I love Houston!




My Xfinity dvr is telling me UH/USF is a noon game FWIW.

(Albert) #79

My app says the same thing. Noon game!!

(PMM) #80

Not sure it has been set, but I have always thought that it would be the filler game at 11 in the a.m…