Tomorrow’s AP poll

(brian D GALLAGHER) #21

many of the early ballots being posted have us at #11 behind Michigan st. Seth davis has us at #14

(VancouverCOOG) #22

I would go for 10 as well.



(Munzell Milluns) #24

Oh ## Seth Davis. He can’t see over the steering wheel and his Dad gets him jobs. Has no business voting on anything.



I think 9

(Matt Jackson) #26

Seth Davis has UH at 14 and LSU unranked…I mean come on dude… It is completely believable that this silver spoon went to duke.

(Thomas) #27

I just hope the team doesn’t have to eat snacks again in the airport…


Poll teams #9, 10, 11 & 13 all lost to Unranked teams in the last week. We should move to #9 after 2 wins against Q1 teams?


#9 sounds right.


Yes, unless the usual suspects move the goalposts yet again.


No one did enough to jump us over two solid wins vs the 2nd and 3rd best team in our conference.


Probably, but definitely not a certainty. MSU had a pretty sizeable lead on us in points and they destroyed a projected tourney team by 20 on Saturday, at home though. Of course their loss was to a sub .500 team on the road (though Illinois is probably better than you would think by looking solely at their record, like Ok State). Marquette also had a sizeable lead on us in points and had a 1 point loss to a projected tourney team and a 1 point win over the 14th ranked team, both at home, though.

However, Kansas and Villanova losing both help because some folks who had one or both ahead of us on their ballots will move us up.

I think we’ll be 9th but it wouldn’t completely shock me if we failed to pass either Marquette or MSU, though we’ll for sure make up a lot of ground in points on them.



(David) #34

ESPN power rank has UH at #8. Just killing time before the real rankings come out:



UH should jump Nevada to be honest. I can see a #8 ranking but I doubt it in the AP.


CBS Sports showing 10


Number 9 in the AP baby!!


Dick Vitel? Lol…^^^^^


Yeah, I am really curious about this one ( Eating Popcorn while waiting)!!!


Probably #8 is my guess