Tramon Mark

Tramon Mark led Dickinson to state last night over Morton Ranch…
he knocked down 40 points…that’s what we are getting on campus next year…can’t wait!


Um that was on thursday. Yesterday he beat Bellaire with 41 points. Plays on Thursday this week


40…41…kids gonna be the other scoring threat we need
got my games mixed up…impressive


When are they playing for state ?

Dickinson vs Morton Ranch. Just before the 8 minute mark you’ll see Mark taking over. His crossover drive and reverse around the 9:30 mark is SICK!

Mark is not a polished player but by the time coach gets through with him he could be playing at the next level. But let me say this, Mark is very smooth and talented…and he is going to get minutes next year…book it…

LJ Cryer (Baylor) looked quite good too but 13 points shy of Mark.

but he has a great defensive mentality and rebounding skill too…that will get him playing time…mark and mills together will give teams fits for sure

Mark is a fiery kid. He is the kind that can get a crowd fired up and on their feet!

Looks like he’s not afraid to step up to a 260 pounder either.

Not sure anyone wanted a piece of that big guy lol. But Mark is fearless

Anyone know if the state games will be televised?



Should be on FOX SW too right?

Mark with 41 against Bellaire. The kid was
clutch down the stretch hitting numerous FT’s in the last few minutes of the game


Two observations from that video:

  1. Mark is LONG. That kid is all arms and legs! I love his confidence in his shot, especially his willingness to elevate and shoot over smaller defenders.

  2. He has a lot of work to do defensively if he’s going to survive on a CKS team. He plays too straight up, which lets quicker guards blow right past him. Coach Bishop will help him build leg strength so he can bend those knees more in his defensive stance. With his wing span, quicker feet will make him an elite defender.


Sasser had problems early in the season and by conference was good on ball defender. If Mark can do the same… yikes!


That’s the first film I’ve watched of Mark and was impressed. I noticed he’s a southpaw as well.

Sasser is not the right comparison because like Hinton came in with reputation of playing on the defensive end.
Mills came in as a bad defensive player and now is good.
Jarreau another one of those who struggles to get low but had developed into a very good on ball defender and at times has looked elite.

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