Here are Tune’s stats tonight:

Houston Passing

3 TUNE,CLAYTON 20-33 319 2 2 149.7

I’d say a 149.7 is a pretty dang good passer rating.


His interceptions were rookie mistakes and there were instances where he could have just gotten rid of the ball or passed it on but chose to run it or pass in coverage. I think its fixable IF he can learn to let his ego go. He’s not a dual threat so he shouldnt play into it.


If you look at the first interception, the ball was tipped by a Tulane defensive lineman. His fumble is reminiscent of a play that Case Keenum had at Robertson against Rice when he fumbled backward as he was getting sacked. The second interception was on a hail mary pass. All three of those plays can be explained.

I noticed the passer rating. Unfortunately for some naysayers, it will be ignored because it doesn’t fit their narrative.


Clayton is the most humble young man. Ego is not in his vocabulary. He will take responsibility for those 1st qtr mistakes.



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I don’t mind him trying for the big play when nothing else is there… I love his bravado (forcing it when there’s nothing open when the time calls upon) but his turnovers need to be fixed!

He missed very few throws after the first quarter. This is the deepest WR corps we’ve had in the AAC. They can be UCF from a few years ago good. They can make Tune look really good if he settles down and lets them. He’s a risk taker we’re gonna have to live with that. He’s not a game manager he’s gonna sling it good or bad. He has shown growth from last season no doubt. I’m way more optimistic about Tune than I was before this game and that’s saying a LOT considering the first minutes of the game were disastrous.


Wish he would have had 1 more Td and 2 less INTs to satisfy @UH2020.

He overcame those early mistakes that had everyone fan thinking, “what the heck is happening?”

Again, it was our first game. Whether it was rust or nerves, he settled in, weathered the storm and brought us home. All you can ask for. Defense/special teams chipped in as they should have.


Tune settled down after spotting Tulane 14 points.

Tune is susceptible to making bad decisions when pressured. I hope that is fixed. We have some good teams on our schedule that will come after him.


He had a rushing TD. It was a goal line push, but add that to his totals.


I was less than impressed at the start of the game - just looked like more of the same. I expected rust but that was abysmal.

From the 2nd quarter on, Tune played a hell of a game. Some of his long passes were dimes!

Im happy with what I saw last night. That was a team playing their 1st game of the year against a team playing their 4th game, and still dominating 3/4 of the game.


You can notice that after the first quarter, Tulane wasn’t able to blitz and pressure him as affectively. I trust some blocking assignments were straightened out.


I think the whole team looked a best rusty in the citrus quarter.

His stat line looked good and there were a few drops that would have made them better.

I think he will be really good when combined with our receivers.

I think it will also only be a matter of time before our punt returner breaks one for a score.

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Jury is still out for me. Even on the Scramble Td pass his feet eere never set. Seems to have happy feet. Hope that changes.

OLine got it going

D front 7 had a monster game.


I also feel much more confident with the UH offense with Tune’s overall performance after settling in. The offense kept moving the ball down the field, seemingly, every time it had it in the comeback periods.

I am both excited and worried when he is back to return punts. If he can fix the fumbles (fortunate that only one gave the ball back to Tulane), UH might have the best or at least one of the most exciting KR/PR tandems in college football. They are definitely weapons.

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Now you’re going swing on his jock ? you’ve been throwing shade at the young man non-stop. He’s our QB, DK is gone. Give the kid a shot he could turn into a really good one


This was a team that got called back from the starting block week after week. How can any team be prepared under those circumstances?
Psychologically it must have felt weird not having the game cancelled at the last minute.

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There was plenty of good and bad. I don’t think anyone can argue either extreme with him from last night.

I feel really good about him shaking off 1Q issues and keeping control of himself. That said, we can’t have those 1Q issues against good teams. He needs to be better.

There are reasons for optimism but let’s not ignore the 1Q and act like everyone was solid.


I was impressed with his speed. He almost ran down the guy after that pick to save the touchdown.

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