TV for OK State game?

(David) #21

Hey Google, where is our commission?



(Jason Lee) #23

I’ve had no issues with Directv now and ESPN3. Wonder why some are.

(Brian C) #24

Who do you get your internet through? Is it an unlimited data plan? Im not sure if my internet is data unlimited, and was always scared I’d stream too much and pay the extra price.

(Jimmy Morris) #25

Call your provider. If it’s not unlimited, tell them you would like to cancel. Not only will that get you unlimited service but it will probably be offered a lower price than what you are paying. There are some people that never call that pay $80 a month for terrible service and other people that call that pay $40 a month for unlimited data and 10x the speed.


I have Xfinity because it’s the only one offered in my neighborhood. I get 1024GB of data per month but have never used more than 300GB in a month. And I stream everything (YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, music, etc.).

As another shameless plug, I use Xfinity Mobile for my cell phone. It goes well with Xfinity internet (in fact it’s only available if you’re an Xfinity internet customer) and uses the Verizon network so it’s been really reliable for me. When you’re out and about, there are over 18 million Xfinity hotspots that your phone will automatically connect to (unless you tell it not to) so save your data. I don’t use a ton of data on my phone because I’m almost always connected to WiFi. There are only 2 plans: $12/month per GB of shared data (if you have multiple lines) or $45/month for unlimited data (per line). My wife and I generally use less than 4GB of data per month combined, so we pay by the GB. If you bring a phone with you, you only pay for the data.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #27

DirecTv Channel 675

(Jason) #28

Some of you are making this way more complicated than it needs to be.

Just download the Fox Sports Go app through your phone or tablet. Go to your playstore. It’s free of charge to download. As long as you have your cable provider login information (if your provider is available on the app), you should be able to watch the game through the app free of charge. I was able to log in with my DirecTV credentials and set a reminder on my phone that will take me directly to the game at the the appropriate time.

Hope this helps.

(Tom Green) #29

Why wouldn’t you want to watch on your TV instead of your phone if your say Directv customer.

(Tom Green) #30

I know there are several on here like myself who are DirecTV customers. If you can watch Astros/Rockets through your plan which is CHOICE pkg or above you will be able to get FOXSPORTS OK. CH 675. Already DVR it .

(Jason) #31

I might possibly be able to watch the game on my TV at home, but there might be territorial restrictions that prevent me from doing that based on my area. But if I go directly through the app itself, I stand a better chance since I’d be watching the game through a Fox Sports server and not necessarily DirecTV. My cable credentials only grant me the access to the game on the app. It’s happened that way for me before.

(Tom Green) #32

Hmmm. I would check tonight and see if ch 675 is available on your TV tonight if you do have DirecTV. If it is you be good to go and can recd in advance.

(Jason) #33

I can try that. I’m sure it’s there. I have the sports package, but in the event it’s blocked or not available, I can always still go through the app. Like I said, it’s happened that way for me before.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #34

Am I the only one that is starting to miss the simplicity of this?


I feel like I need an advanced degree to figure out how to watch TV anymore. And I’m not ancient, in my 40’s, just don’t want to devote this much time to figuring out which package to get, what’s a decent price and speed for internet, how many different subscriptions do I need (Hulu/Netflix/Sling/Youtube/Roku/etc.)

I just want to turn on the TV and flip through the channels. Now I can’t even figure out where they hide the channels.


(PMM) #35

Live in SL, have Kinetics cable. Is showing on channel 1755, Fox Southwest.


Yeah, that method didn’t work for me in Central Texas…they said OK, just Cancel…(2years at that point) with DirectTV. I will never use them again, ever!!!

(gpropes) #37

You have to ask to be sent to retentions in order to get the “please stay” offers. It worked for me.

(Jason) #38

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just flip to The Cougar Network (check your local listings)?

(Tom Green) #39


(Jimmy Morris) #40

I guess I should have put into the exception any internet or tv provider that uses 2 year subscriptions that include huge billing hikes after the first year to trap you and exploit you to make their profits don’t count.