Twinmom UH will run same Def ...Good?

Dana said the other day on an “availability” that it will be same as last year with a few new and better ways to do things thrown in . Has your son commented on this ?

Glenn good and great coaches learn and listen from their players. I expect CDH to do the same. Please realize that coaching requires a humongous amount of analysis. Coaches live, bread and sleep the sport that they coach. I can tell you first hand that a non committed coach is seen millions miles away. Players will detect it right away. Coaches often can’t sleep at night. You are in constant analysis day and night, seven days a week. Trust your coach.


Same defense basically with some new schemes added in. Utilizing more pass rushers and sealing up the holes. Derek and a few of the other veteran defense guys had dinner Monday with Belk and discussed the upcoming spring camp and his expectations from the defense. Derek really has a lot of respect for Belk and he’s very involved with his players. He’s younger and they relate to him. I think it’s a good move.


Damn… Sounds like the life of a hardware design engineer… Waking up in the middle of the night thinking about your work.

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That’s all engineering types Kyle. I know I have awaken and called to leave messages on my office phone about control circuits, power distribution problems, and protective relaying. Your mind never stops. However, since I have retired, I don’t do that anymore. I do wake up thinking about football or basketball games and plays though. Bugs the hell out of my charming bride of these many years.


Thank you Mom !
Go Coog !

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Thanks Chris !
Go Coogs!

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One of my professors said once " If you aren’t waking up at night thinking about this stuff, you aren’t studying hard enough!!"


Sounds like Dr. Glover…

Never ever woke up in the middle of the night for any reason. Now I do. Gotta pee


I’m guessing you’re not a parent. Once you get used to the baby monitor, you never, ever sleep the same. Then they become teenagers and you really never sleep through the night.:flushed:


My life in a nutshell.

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Baby monitor? You need a big house for those.

A big house and a paranoid mom (and dad).

I have two girls…ENOUGH SAID
No its all good. I would not change it for anything. It is just amazing how two sisters could be so different.

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Derek and his twin are like night and day.

You must have a single core processor… Lol


Haha, Would have been useful for sure!

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Yes and when our son came home from playing a high school(Strake Jesuit) football game,Mom had to see him to check for broken bones and other injuries . Know what I mean Twinmom?

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I remember riding my bike all throughout my little town (Stafford) growing up, especially in the summers. Now I’ll literally ride behind my kids in my car as they’re riding their bike in the neighborhood. Like a presidential motorcade and I’m the Secret Service. :rofl:


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