Twitter rumors of anti trust litigation from Aresco


Never believe in the fake news constantly being spewed by that Twitter troll.


Neither the conference nor the schools have a case. They signed on to this system. Now if the players want to sue, it’s a whole new ballgame. I’ll kick in some money for that too.

Herbstreit will be the first witness for the plaintiffs.
“Football Barbie, did you say UCF shouldn’t be in the playoff because they have a weak schedule.”
“I did.”
“Did you also say they have a weak schedule because P5 teams refuse to play them.”
“I did.”
“Thank you Football Barbie.”


OMG Football Barbie? That’s a good one.

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Just because they agreed to the system doesn’t mean they don’t have a case. If they signed on for a fair system and then it is not then it would still be predatory and at minimum breach of contract.


The G5 wouldn’t have a case. The reason they signed off on the CFP over the BCS was because there was more certainty that they would get an auto bid into a major bowl game. In the BCS, a mid-major conference could have an undefeated team and not make a BCS bowl game. In the CFP that is near impossible unless there’s 2 undefetead G5 conference champions. CFP was never about allowing the non power conferences access into the National Championship.

Think about 2011 UH, undefeated going into the C-USA title game and all fans could think about was a BCS bowl game and not the National title game opportunity.


Gardbarns , were have you been? Great to see you posting again!

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Ditto, gardbarns. Welcome back. The pithy voice of reason…


What would the players claim their damages to be?


A fair shot at the NC…

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I think a better way to say it @gardbarns is that the P5 could mount the defense saying the G5 signed on to it. But as far as not having a a case, the G5 may very well have a big time case. Just because they signed on doesn’t mean they don’t have a case. If that were true then most litigation would go away for many things.


She is absolutely right.

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It’s the wrong angle. First you go for the money, then the expanded playoff.
If you sue for the playoff first then eventually you end up with the g5 essentially being one big conference.

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I cant stress enough how lucky we are to have her as our president and chancellor.


Go for the money? Like put on a ski mask and rob somebody?

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Our rockstar president once again hits a home run. We need smart people like her using those political buzzwords to describe the struggle of the G5: inclusion, exclusion, increased opportunities. This can become a social issue if we get the right people on our side. Then just watch the firestorm that descends on the old boys P5 club.

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As much as I want the system to change, I am afraid trying to get political about it could backfire. The P5 schools have a lot of political power backed up by media money. Unless an Orin Hatch type powerful politician is willing to go to bat for the G5 and take in the media (let’s face it it’s the media that’s driving this), any solution that the P5 and the networks arrive at, will likely be only a marginal improvement.

To those saying that UCF didn’t get in, the P5 answer is likely to be neither did Ohio State and Georgia. Its not as simple as people generally seem to think it is.

The most powerful politicians are from P5 programs. The most powerful media players have a vested interest to keep the P5 protected. If push comes to shove they will find a way to protect the P5. Where there’s money there’s corruption.

The key is to just keep winning. I think if UCF beating LSU is a huge must, that almost guaranteed them a playoff spot next year if they go undefeated again. Unless there are a bunch of undefeated or 1 loss blue bloods, I think an undefeated G5 has a really solid shot next year. Of course then they’ll be shut out again for another 5 years, but that’s another story.

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I still say the fastest route is to sign a contract with the Peach Bowl for an automatic bid. This fits squarely in the format and intent of the cfp constitution, and guarantees at least one school’s inclusion. The American would then be part of the Contract Conferences list and would be propped up to support the system. Even if we start out as a junior member like the Big East was, we’d be in there. This is why 4 loss Texas is in the Sugar Bowl and ranked as high as they are.


The most powerful politicians are not from p5. They are from the Ivy.


That sounds like a good idea. Has the AAC commissioner tried this? There is probably a reason they are not aligning themselves with a G5 conference or it would have been done by now.