Twitter rumors of anti trust litigation from Aresco


I believe Aresco is trying to get an Auto bid to a New Year six bowl. Problem is that ESPN has the airing rights to all New Year 6 bowl games. This means that the bowl games would check with ESPN first about setting up auto bids with conferences. ESPN wants high TV ratings and the Bowl games also want teams that will attract spectators and have sell out crowds.

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The reason I say make it a social issue is to get the angry mob on our side. That overrides politicians these days.

All you need are some sob stories and the right ten people to tweet about it.

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Read what aresco & thompson said earlier this year.

Look who is at the helm of the AAC. We know his history with espn & CBS, Now look who is at the helm for the MWC.

That’s right. He is best friend with deloss dodds. It dates back to their ksu days. They even served on the ncaa committee together.
All of these “in bred” P5 relationships stinks to high heaven.
So we have two choices. Either the P5 cartel get sued now or sue them later when the G5/NYE bowl contract expire. The tv contracts are intertwined with the cfp.


I think we need both, social and political on our side. That is what happened to get rid of the BCS.

You could also add litigation.


I’m all for expanding the playoff but give me a break. If you’re not for compensating players with additional funds then I don’t want to hear about exclusion or struggle because of some dumb playoff.

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Litigation is a double edged sword. If you lose that’s it, you won’t ever see a G5 move up to P5 or ever make it to the playoffs.

Win and there is a chance that media companies get congress to pass laws granting exemptions. Or media companies create a new system again excluding G5. If they want to keep G5 out, they’ll find a way.

You can keep suing, they’ll keep changing. Don’t forget that playoffs came out of BCS because of the “unfairness” of the BCS system.

A 100% level playing field is a pipe dream. G5 has to do its bit to improve its schedule by regularly playing (and hopefully defeating) P5 blue bloods. Heck even if it means 2 for 1, do it.

I think last year UCF had a stronger case than this year. They have a case this year too, but last year was stronger.

It’s really a tough situation to be in for the G5. Essentially it’s a no win. I wonder if the anti-trust case is as strong as some say it is. The only way is to keep winning. That’s why it’s so critical that UCF best LSU. A UCF loss would be a real set back.


How is the top tier G5 teams supposed to schedule P5 teams when the P5 teams will not even return phone calls.

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You are 100% correct. Anybody that brings up the sos is agreeing with the cfp. We all have to keep in mind that often scheduling is done seven years in advance. The cartel knew what they were building & how to protect it. To even think that the AAC & MWC commissioners do not have the best interest of their own conference tells you everything you need to know. The facts are that we are losing tens of $M every year both academically & from potential donors. Again and again this has never been about sports, sos or academics. It is about Dollars and cents.


it is proven that is not working…you are going to have to rock the boat or declare war…he kin nice isn’t working.

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I know. That’s a big problem. That’s why I said maybe offer sweet deals like 2 for 1. Anything to get it going.


playing 2 for 1s cost home games which means they cost us money. Visiting teams do not get paid unless it is a one and done money game like Sam Houston St vs Tamu.

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Well then what’s the answer? How do we get the Alabama’s and Ohio States to play us? I think even 2 for 1 can be profitable. Imagine the crowds thatll show up if say Alabama comes as opposed to say Tulsa. Better to have 1 sold out game against a blue blood where you can charge higher prices than 2 half sold out games against a smaller opponent where you charge lower rates. So that 1 visit from Ala or tOSU could be worth more than a home and home against a smaller G5 opponent.


the answer is for the NCAA to step up and shoulder it’s responsibility to all college athletes and have a FBS national championship tournament just like they do for all other divisions and sports.

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Good luck. The NCAA is a voluntary association. It needs members to vote. I doubt that P5 will ever vote to give the NCAA control of football.


I think when CFP started, NCAA gave P5 authority over football because they were threatening to create their own “NCAA”.


Wait…you want the NCAA to control something? And you think it will be in the best interest of the players if they do so?


We have played Bama 8 times and ALL games was at Alabama. We are 0 - 8, with Case Keenum nearly pulling the upset in 2007, his freshman year and 1+ quarter to play…Only if He, instead of Blake Joseph, played most of that game…Satan was more worried about Anthony Alridge in that game, than Case. Can’t get Bama to play here…they feel they are elite…

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Bama was just an example. There are about 15 other programs that would do just as well. Ok so Texas and Bama are out. They don’t want to play us. How about offering a 2 for 1 to OU, tOSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, Auburn, Clemson, UGA etc.

If we want to be play the elite regularly , we will have to do it on their terms. We could turn around and book much weaker OOC opponents 2 for 1 in our favor to make up some. The point being that we have to do something different. Think outside the box. Make concessions within reason of course.

Heck I am almost afraid to say it, the LHN is starved for content, try and make a deal with Texas where UH allows some of if it’s content on the LHN in return for regular games with UT (e.g. maybe a home and home every 4 years). The worst that happens is they say no. We gain nothing but lose nothing either, at least we tried.

Right now it seems all we want is for the P5 to change their way of doing things to include us more. Maybe that is enough and they’ll throw a few crumbs our way every so often. If we want to make lasting, positive change, we will have to do somethings that many supporters may find unpalatable or unfair but alas are necessary.

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Alabama would never agree to play st TDECU. Catch 22.

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So do NRG. Might even be better for a home game against Alabama or any other blue blood. If we have to do a 2 for 1 might as well make that 1 in larger stadium.