UH to resume workouts

Very good sign. Looks like the decision to halt workouts when they did was the correct decision.


Just tell JD to reach out to Berman for info!! :smile:


jd reporting they are not resuming workouts now??

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Could be. Popcorn please.


maybe they are giving JD bad info on purpose, doubtful but who knows with all that has transpired, usually Berman is spot on.


Does Berman usually not name his sources?

Mr. Berman:
“According to sources with knowledge of the @UHCougars plans”
“According to a source briefed on the plan”
From Mandelay Bay, Las Vegas.

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Sellers reported it on Twitter as well, roughly the same time as Berman…probably the same source. Guessing JD has a separate source that he has reached out to for his information.

It used to be Berman and JD posting the same news at the same time. It’s now Sellers and Berman. I’m sure that was deliberate.

I’m guessing Sellers and Berman have the official school communication (not a coincidence it came out at the same time) and JD is hearing something else for some reason.


Rob just re-reported it a few minutes ago…he must be pretty confident in his source.

This sure helps break up afternoon boredom.


It could be that 7/6 is wrong but later next week is possible. That would not be very meaningful but would make both positions correct.

I’m not sure if that is what JD is trying to say.



Maybe JD got his info from Herman😎


It would be awesome if we were trolling Duarte and the chronicle.

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What a tool. He is coming at Berman for how he worded the report. Desperate move for a reporter wanting information.
Whether we are technically working out on Monday doesn’t matter but he is not going to remake his tarnished image by attacking Berman.

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“Resume voluntary workouts” on Monday is pretty clear.

So as the hotspot of Houston is now peaking. This is when you bring young folks back to campus.

And that is fine and dandy with everyone here.

Because Renu and Pez know everything.

Just drink the Kool Aid ladies and gentlemen. The Kool Aid will kill the virus. It is ok, just a couple of sips.


Well, you are in the Cool Aid kingdom !!!

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Like I said tristate doesn’t matter. It was more poor and immature reporting from Duarte.

Anyway glad to have them back on campus and hope we keep them in training the remainder of the summer.

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