UH vs Tulane - Doubleheader Saturday (G1: W 12-7) (G2: L 9-7 in 10)

(Patrick) #101

Worst part is, I can see him bringing Villarreal back tomorrow if the game is close.


Rooney is the worst pitching coach I have ever seen


Started to think this was going to be like the UH-Rice Regional game…will be a miracle if that happens now.

(Al) #104

What’s the score?

(Patrick) #105

B10…Tulane up 9-5

(Al) #106

Yuck. Tuned in late. Thought it was still tied.

(Patrick) #107

Lights turned off at 1 AM.

Tulane angry. UH angry at Tulane.


LOL…Jeremy says Tulane thinks we cut the lights on purpose

(Patrick) #109

Apparently Tulane thinks UH stole Tulane’s backup catching gear as well.

This is bizarre.


I know UH let them borrow a catchers mitt in game one because theirs was stolen/missing, but Jeremy made it sound like something that happened weeks ago, which didn’t make sense.

(Patrick) #111

Bottom 10th

Cherry Leadoff walk on 4 pitches. Wild pitch moves Cherry to 2nd. Bielo Ks swinging. Champion pinch hits and walks. Padgett double scores 2…Green Wave leads 9-7

Hyland walks. Tulane goes to the bullpen.

Lovelace flies out to right, Padgett to 3rd. Triolo flies out to right to end the game.

Wasted opportunity there. Coogs fall 9-7

Have to be back out there in about 12 hours.


1:30 in the morning and are starting pitcher for tomorrow is setting out the batting practice cage more dumb coaching you of sent him home hours ago

(Patrick) #113