Un-American Conference Tournament Talk

(Munzell Milluns) #21

Sloppy can get run over by defense. If we played Duke there would be three mini-stories that would decide the game IMO.

  1. Would we keep up the intense D throughout the inevitable ref-infused stop-start whistle fest? And, thus, could we at least match their FT %?

  2. Would we hit our 3’s on the dagger? Because…well, that’s who we are.

  3. Would Corey take charge in the last 8 minutes with the help of Jarreau?

If we could answer yes to at least two of those then I like our chances. No to two of those and we’re toast.


UH vs Duke would be eerily similar to Phi Slama Jama vs NC State.

One team is incredibly talented with 2 NBA lottery picks and the other is a fundamentally sound hungry ‘team’ with a great coach.

Survive and advance!

(Grant) #23

But we do have a chance to close those gaps and add a couple quad 1 wins. Would be really nice to run into UCF and Cincy again and bloat that resume a bit.


Change your title to Non-American.


Nope. That was intentionally done as a joke, and as a dig at other conferences for not being as good as ours.

(Dustin K) #26

It’s not my taxes I’m worried about, it is everyone else’s taxes I prepare!

(Ben) #27

Could we get our 3’s off?
Catch and shoot from the corner, Zion on the opposite side of the basket when he catches it, sends it 10 rows back against 6’7" DeAndre Hunter.
It’s a tough matchup.
Zion 3pt Block


Well, it did take that dude about 5 seconds to measure up and shoot. Corey and Armoni shoot WAY faster than that.


Nope don’t want any part of Duke with Zion playing hope they are in different bracket!

(Sam) #30

We want Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue to lose. Didn’t hurt for Tech to fall. My guess is Virginia, Duke, UNC, Kentucky, and Gonzaga are the top four with the odd team out the top 2 seed. After that it’s relatively close between Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee, UH, Tech, Purdue, and LSU for the remaining 2 seeds. I think LSU’s situation and Tech’s loss to WVU mean they’ll be 3 seeds. If we win the AAC Tourney we have a shot at a 2 but may need help in other league tournaments, especially the Big 10. We’ll know soon.

(Patrick) #31

Florida-LSU game is a brawl. Florida up 1 with 24 seconds left.

(Eric) #32

weird to be rooting against LSU after spending the whole year rooting for them

(Ian Blake) #33

LSU is trying to lose

(Patrick) #34

That was nuts. LSU player let that ball roll all the way to the Florida player. What was he doing?

(Eric) #35

well, to be fair, if you have watched many of their games, they always try to lose

(Patrick) #36

Naz Reid with the 3 for the tie. 13 seconds to go.

(Eric) #37

doing a Lebron?

(Patrick) #38

Florida with the 3 with 1 second to go!


That T on the interim coach hurt em.

(Patrick) #40

Down goes LSU!