Up Tempo Offense In Store


The Chron must be hard up for cash. I now have to pay a second fee to access JD’s work? Screw that.

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Opened right up for me. jD also posted a link on twitter yesterday that opened freely.

Opened up for me without any complications.

Apparently, you get five sports articles per month for free.

Cool article. I didn’t realize that last year’s 28 ppg was the lowest in 10 years.

yep which is sad given bush was our OC at one point in time.

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The one little tidbit that I did not realize until reading his article was that we only leave the state of Texas twice this year. That is definitely a huge plus for us when it comes to travel time and preparation time.

Of course those two games are going to be extremely tough, Navy and Memphis, but I still find it to be beneficial that we’re not having to travel that far for any of our other games. That allows more time for recovery, less time away from home, less time away from family, etc.


@ ECU, too.

You’re right! Either I misread Duarte’s article or he misspoke.

That kind of blows that out of the water. I guess it is still better than last year. I believe that we went out of state 5 times last year. Arizona, Tulsa, Temple, South Florida, and Tulane.

ECU and Navy are back to back I think which really sucks having two long road trips in a row.

JD said 2 out of 3 in reference to the away games. Those 2 being big games on the road.

Lubbock is further from Houston than Tulsa or New Orleans.

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Hooray for up tempo offense. I miss the arguements on whether or not the tempo was gassing the defense. LOL


If you use Google Chrone, open a New Incognito Window and paste the link in. Should allow you to read more than the 5 article limit.


What really has to improve is our road performance. (not including the bowl game because it’s a neutral site) We scored 35.2 ppg at home and 20.2 pgg on the road. That is a drastic difference. Especially if you take into account that highest ranked defense in ppg was USF @41st which we scored 28 against.


what are the odds that the coogs run for more than 3,000 yards with kendall’s schemes?

I believe 2K is very doable. I like the number 2.5K. 2 running backs at a K each and 500 for the qb.

I think the up tempo needs to be adjusted during the Navy and Tulane games. We can go up tempo all we want, but if we’re not converting first downs, we can be in trouble vs two teams that will work the clock. Also have to factor in turnover possibility.


About the same odds as our top two backs and our starting offensive line being healthy all year long.

I guess technically the ECU matchup won’t be much of a “game”.

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