Updated 247 Rankings - 2020

Coogs have two of the top 125 players in the country according to 247. Tramon Mark checks in at 74. Jamal Shead checks in at 125. The only update we are waiting on is Rivals. Tramon Mark will be a consensus top 100 player once that ranking is released.


Just saw that, Tramon made a huge jump from 175 to 74.

That’s what happens when a recruit commits to the Coogs! :muscle:


tramon had the biggest jump of any 2020 recruit…

cryer took a big hit for not playing aau this year…and if you care about quality of recruits over ranking this is a good thing … he isnt being hit with tons of big offers making him more accesible to us

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Tramon Mark and Jamal Shead have been elevated in Rivals 150 that was released today. Both are top 100. Tramon Mark is now a consensus 4-star top 100 player.


Makes getting commitments so early even more impressive by the staff. They did a great job getting in early.


They are commits. We are a long ways away from signing them.

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official list
mark at 84- now a consensus top 100
shead at 94- now a top 100 in 2 of the 3

ranked targets:
cryer remains a consensus top 100 in all 3 but took a serious hit in all 3 for being injured during aau
aku is a top 100 in 2 of the 3
jalen cook is a top 150 in 2 of the 3
peavy now top 40 in 2 of the 3
beekman now a top 100 in all 3

How many of commits under Kelvin have not signed?

One that I know of. How many commits went up in the rankings after they had committed to Sampson?

Aku, pls

Young buck Roberts just dis past yr foo

While technically true, this isn’t an example that counters his point. Roberts went up in the rankings long after he had already signed with us.

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He just said after.

Progs doesn’t follow logic well. First, I asked how many, never said it’s never happened. Second, as you pointed out, my point was that it’s probably a little harder to keep a commit when their stock rises. Which of course you and probably most others get.

caleb mills, went from unranked to a touted after committing
and hinton technically came after but was already on a houston lean before the tout

sampson openly admits we arent a recruiting power and struggle to land touted recruits who were already elite before we offered …but that they way we get elite recruits is to find them before they become elite…

talking high school recruits we actually tend to get them before they are touted and have their rank increase while committed or a houston lean

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And I think this is why we probably keep Tramon Mark committed. We identify talent early before everyone else notices, and I think recruits will value this.

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And because basketball players do not de-commit like football players do. It’s a completely different game.


Thank you, Joprior. Shaggy says there’s been one. I can’t recall who it was but I’ll bet anyone they both sign in November


I was just going off the decommit list they have on 247 but I stand corrected because the only one listed decommitted after signing with us which I don’t think is what you were asking. Antoine Davis.

I don’t know how good of a source 247 is but my point is that things have changed since the sweet sixteen and the resigning of Sampson. Not only are more recruits giving UH attention but more recruiting services and coaches will be giving UH commits attention. We probably do sign both. Still feels like a jinx calling them signees 6 months before they sign anything.