Urban Meyer Slams Former OC, Herman

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I get what he is saying, but I didn’t take Herman’s statement as a slam on the players specifically. I think it was mainly a dig at the fans and media that had texas ranked for no reason whatsoever.

(Smoker of fine meats) #3

While we get that from the outside, picture the mindset of an 18-19 yo in the locker room and your coach is outside telling the media this stuff…

(David) #4

This could be fun to follow from a distance. Coach MENSAnity likes to control the dialogue (610 AM blow up, UT reporters not able to use Twitter during press conferences, OC/DC not speaking to the media after games, etc.) so I assume he will want to respond to this at some point. Let’s hope UT loses to SJSU on Saturday and then get whipped @ USC so we can see some real fireworks.


That said, did The Lying Coach ever mention the kick ass team and talent he inherited from Tony?


To his credit, he did. Go back and listen to him talk about the 2015 seniors and their buy-in. Not sure he gets that from entitled 5 star recruits who have hangers on everywhere telling them how great they are.

Texas has a culture problem, all right, but it’s an institutional culture problem that may not be able to be fixed by a few coaches.

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Meyer has a point, but I’m surprised to hear him call Herman out. I thought they spoke once a week.

Further, if you’re going to say that nine months isn’t enough time to change a culture in Austin then don’t take full credit for changing a culture in less than 8 months at Houston. I never heard Herman give credit to what he found on Cullen in January 2015, so I don’t expect him to complain about what he found on the 40 acres in November 2016.


Herman is at a place now where Meyer might be targeting some of the same kids. This is also about recruiting. Meyer is smart to capitalize on the growing (and accurate) perception that Herman uses players to help himself first.

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The UT AD Communications Director just notified the press that there will be not questions regarding any quotes of current Big 10 coaches.


(Ben B) #10

He talked about their buy in, he didn’t ever say that he inherited a very talented group of players. He only ever implied they were chicken feces and his coaching turned them into chicken salad.


I was gonna say, there’s no way they lose to SJSU, but then I remembered they lost to Kansas last year. lol never mind.

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Id rather they win against SJSU, start the “TEXAS IS BACK” mantra, and get slapped in the face again by USC.

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I would love to see SJS beat the horns…the meltdown would Sumlin Aggie UCLA esque. Lol

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“Esque” - That Meltdown would make the Aggie’s just look like a warm up.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

Just curious but you guys think anyone believes Maryland has more talent on the team than what Strong left behind at UT? Not only that but UT was at home, playing in front of 80k minimum. Herman can’t blame the players for decisions like going for it on 4th and goal from the five, down by 16, to begin the 3rd quarter. His offense had 0 points and already a failed 4th and 2 in the first half. They had -1 yards total on the previous two plays trying to knock it in. Take the points and give the offense a small win to begin the second half.

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I didn’t watch the game – only listened to some on the radio for a brief time. What I cannot understand is how UT QB play has been mediocre at best for almost a decade. How is that possible for a program that can get whatever player they want (if we believe the experts)? I will give Simms an above average grade but, ever since Gilbert was crowned the heir to the burnt orange QB throne, there has not been one UT QB that I wished was at UH. They were so bad I don’t even know their names. I am not saying the QB position is the reason for their recent troubles but it is a key position and they cannot seem to find an answer.

At least Sumlin ran off his two highly-rated QB recruits…


Sounds like he likes Charlie more than Drama Tomma.

(shharper01) #18

When he did the 4th and 5 thing I just thought, “well there he goes. he always said he doesn’t like to kick or punt.” Sort of like seeing Briles go for it on his own 29 on 4th and 1. At least they were consistent.

An optimist would believe that Tom is molding the team with his vision and isn’t too worried about one game. However, his #1-0 mantra, the first game at UT and his reaction afterwards made it clear this wasn’t like Rhule and Baylor.

At least UH started with Tenn Tech and then won by three at UofL. In that Cards game, they had just lost at Auburn the Saturday before and were going to face Clemson the next Thursday night at home. Classic trap game? Ours was Lamar Jackson’s second game. He started the Auburn game and was replaced by Bonnafon. In our game, Jackson was replaced by Bolin who did a bit better. Brandon Wilson returned a kick for a TD and we were +3 in turnovers. Just saying there was a bit of good fortune (that the team took advantage of) in that game.


No, the team in Asstin ranked in the top 15 or better of recruiting rankings for forever; I don’t think Maryland ever ranked in the top 15 in the history of their school, let alone consistently enough to build a loaded roster. People forget that Strong was a great recruiter, just a horrible coach. Coach concussion got out coached, simple as that.

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I am at a loss here. If you go back over the recruiting classes for the past 5 years, you will see that UT recruited very highly regarded HS players. If 2/3 of them were not as good as advertised, that leaves him with 28 total stud players. That’s hardly a lack of talent. LTH has been exposed as a fraud and his players don’t respect him.