USC tied with W.Michigan going to the 4th and other Saturday night action

(Patrick) #1

Man, Broncos doing well without Fleck. See if Helton can get them going.


(Patrick) #2

Tied at 28 with 7:54 left.

(Patrick) #3

35-31 USC with 4:37 left after a WMU FG.

ECU losing to James Madison (21-7) in the 4th. East division isn’t looking so good (except for UCF)

Baylor struggling with Liberty going into the half, down 17-14.


James Madison is pretty good. They won the FCS title last year, may repeat this year, and I think they’re looking to go FBS in the near future. They’re as respectable of a loss as you can take from an FCS team.

(Patrick) #5

USC starting to pull away with another TD. 42-31 with around 3 to go.

(Patrick) #6

Yep, that one isn’t really an upset as ECU may be one of the worst teams in FBS this year.

(PortlandCoog) #7

I think the line play eventually wore down WMU, and USC figured out the edges with their tight end and it became highly effective.

Love me some WMU though.

(Patrick) #8

Baylor tied Liberty going into the half, 17-17


Also, Texas State struggling with Houston Baptist – up 10-9 at half.

(Albert) #10

Ecu getting beat like a drum… :smirk:


Liberty up 41-31 with 12 minutes left…wow. I knew Baylor would take a step back this year, but I didn’t think they’d be quite this bad. They might not win one this year.


Yep, Baylor may lose this one…certainly hope so.

(Patrick) #13

They do get Texas at home…:innocent:

You may be right though, Rhule is in a bad situation and his Temple teams were built on a good defense…which Baylor wasn’t known for. I’m not sure he’s going to be successful there or have the time to build something. Coaches before Briles were fairly similar to Rhule and weren’t successful.

Best chances at wins are those late season games at Home vs Tech and Iowa State. Could be rough sledding until then.


Rhule’s Temple teams also ran a pro-style offense, which Baylor is…not built for, to say the least. I do think that UTSA is an easier out than Texas Tech or Iowa State, though. We should learn next week if this game is a fluke or if it’s the new norm for Baylor.


Tech looked sharp, although they played Eastern Washington.

48-45 Liberty.

(Bill F.) #16

Purdue just took a lead on Louisville

(Patrick) #17

Yep, hope our defense will be ready to go for Tech…or hope our offense is ready to put up some points.

Did we break Louisville?


Liberty has 447 passing yards so far…wow Baylor.


If Liberty’s doing that to them, imagine the carnage when Tech goes to Waco.


Liberty 48
Baylor 45