USF wants to build a $200 million football stadium

More AAC infrastructure building. Not a definite and the article says it may take 5-7 years to materialize

USF wants to build a $200 million football stadium

The University of South Florida is considering building an on-campus football stadium. School officials acknowledged they are still in the early stages of planning, but a preliminary feasibility study released Tuesday shows a stadium would set the school back about $200 million and hold 40,000 to 50,000 fans.

The sight lines for that thing look horrible. Looks like a Nascar stadium.


Looks like a giant bullfighting ring…oh…I get it…


Teh palm treez


I guess the goal was to get the fans as far away from the field as possible.


You sure this “rendering” isn’t an old painting from the wall of a Pappasitos restroom?


Astrodome seating.

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Ahhhh, I get the bull fighting ring. But that arched design just puts folks away from the field, it is Dome like and not in a good way.

I love our stadium.


They should have done this when they were in the Big East.

“Stakeholders were unanimous in their belief that the university should not build a new stadium if it cannot afford a modern, quality facility,” the study said. “They indicated that a lesser-expensive, value-engineered stadium such as Spectrum Stadium at UCF should not be considered.”

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LOL, they didn’t miss an opportunity to take a completely gratuitous shot at UCF.


They are too big of a school not to have their own stadium.

Better quote.

Original article does say, in order to get a “Colorado State Type” Stadium, they will need to raise $110M via donations. USF currently was ranked next to last in donations in the AAC last year at $2.4M. Gonna be awhile.

I wanted to know why they took a jab at UCF stadium. I didnt know it really was a value type stadium. They’re suing the company who built it. USF should get a stadium just the same as Temple but man the cards are not in their favor.

What happened to all that BCS money while a part of the Big East!!! USF, Cincy, and UCONN should have really rack in the dough…

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Cincy overall has nice facilities. It’s a whole complex right in the middle of campus. Their football stadium has a lot of history so understandable they haven’t built a new one. I could tell they spent some Big East money wisely.

The Big East TV contract wasn’t that great. I think pulled in ~$5M/year.

I’m not an architecture major but I have a couple of decades in mechanical design. It looks to me like the goal is to have all fans in the lower sections and all fans in the upper sections equal distance and facing the center of the field. Sacrificing the distance between the 30s to give the rest a better angle of the entire field.

I doubt the plan stays. They will find out their biggest donors aren’t going to help build a stadium that sacrifices their view of the game to give the casual fans a better view.

Is Pitt building an on campus stadium?

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