Ut got ask

BACK 3-4 Years ago when the big 12 was suppose to be
looking at teams to join the Pres and VPres of ut supported
uh in the press. Also one of their biggest alums also came
out for uh joining. Red Mccombs. TT even made positive
comments about uh joining. The teams such as Baylor, TCU
Ok state, iowa st. Kansas and K state did not want another
tx school especially in Houston to affect recruiting in tx. They
made their comments and that was as far as it went .
When a&m left the conf. they came out a stated that UH
should take their place. Back in the 50s-60 we played A&M
just about every year, also Baylor… When UH started to win
and beat some outsice of tx the sports media began to ask
ut why they did not play UH. They got ask so many times
that it began to hurt their clame to be the best in Tx. so
finally they gave in and we played them . They never tried
to help UH , but A&M, Baylor, and TT did play us .
I appreciate them for that. Rice UT Ark were not our friends


Texas played us until Bleachergate. Aggie never played us again in football.
Btw we would never have been in the SWC without the help of the evil empire


Contrary to what conspiracy theorists on here say, UT isn’t that threatened by UH. UT will always have fans, draw eyeballs, get state funding, and elite recruits.

Tech, OK State, KSU, etc are the real problem.


As far as I can tell, Red McCombs is a donor, but not an alum.

UT may not feel threatened by UH, but I think they will always be wary of us. They like being the dominant program in Texas and dictating the shots. TT, BU, TCU at OK with being UT lapdogs, but UH is not likely to be.

A great example of that is not wanting to give them a 2 for 1. I don’t agree with the logic of not wanting to give them 2 home games to only 1 in Houston.

What do we have to lose? If anything these games are likely to be on regional (maybe even national) TV, and that kind of exposure would be good for us. Some might say it will give the impression that UH is a lesser program. Well everyone already sees UH as a lesser program than UT.

Look at our nonconference schedule for next 5 years, not a single major P5 program on it. Yeah we have Tech, WSU, Kansas, Vanderbilt. The only program of any note is Colorado and maybe Utah. I say we should take Bobby Bowden motto when he first came to FSu, and make it our own. We’ll play anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We want UT support to get into the Big 12 but aren’t willing to make any gestures that will give them reason to believe that UH wants to work with them. If UH is not willing to work with them at a time when UH is not in the Big 12 and UT support to get in, why would they believe we would be in their corner once we are in?

The noble art of losing face maybe someday save the human race and turn into eternal merit what weaker minds would call disgrace.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and do something unpalatable as an investment in yourself. Yes a 2 for 1 with UT is not ideal, but it could lead to better things down the road. Right now all we do is complain about how everyone is out to get us. Let’s be proactive and do things that will put us on a good light and put others on the defensive. What have we got to lose?

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Anyone that thinks TU doesn’t want to keep a thumb on UH is lighter than June frost. As Vito said “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. I’d go for a 2-for-1 IF one here, one there and 3rd at NRG or Jerrys World


UT is bigger than OU and we did one at NRG and two in Oklahoma.

I don’t remember the second game in Oklahoma !! I trust you are not counting the one back in the Art Briles era !! That was back in the day when UH truly prostituted itself for $$$.

Ie …@ Oregon, @ LSU, @ Michigan@ USC … etc.

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You’re probably right. I was confusing the total number.

Our Oklahoma game with art was uncle Dave’s attempt to get us into the big 12.

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No, we did one big and one there.

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Michael…sorry, one of my favorite movies


We will never be invited to the Big 12. Ever.


Maybe we invite some of the remnants of the big 12 to the AAC, but not Texas teams !..Maybe TT.

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Then why steal our coach and keep us out of Big 12??! There IS a reason…not attendance either.


Y’all talking about the institution that tried to build a competing undergrad campus a few miles from UH? Those weenies?

Yeah sure… They are real allies I gotta tell ya!


There are no doubt many reasons, the most important one being that the any financial benefit from adding UH was not worth it. I think that was probably the single more important reason. Also probably lack of support from other Big 12 programs. Finally if not complete lack of support from the networks, at least some reluctance from the networks for the Big 12 to expand. And yes even low attendance for UH probably played a part too.

To say that UT is afraid of UH is too simplistic. Hiring Herman shows no more fear or desire to suppress UH than they would be suppressing of fearing any other program from whom they might have hired a coach. They just hired the guy they thought was the best. Herman was also high on LSU wish list.

Instead of playing a two game series over paying the buyout… They preferred to pay buyout…says a lot about “a team with no fear”. You are willing to play Rice or Texas State, but not Little ole Houston.


Again it came down to money. Herman’s buy out was so small that they had no problem paying it. Agreeing to play UH in return for having Herman’s buyout waived would mean UT would have to treat UH as an equal. Basically that would be handing UH a victory. That ain’t ever happening!

Maybe if Herman’s buyout had been $10 million or more they may have been more open to coming to come kind of arrangement with UH.

Not buying what you are selling. That makes no sense. I know a lot of people with money that would prefer to save money.


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