VERY interesting movie about the City of Houston coming soon!


I just saw this trailer, and it looks AMAZING!!!

It’s about one of the saddest and most horrific episodes from Houston’s past: the 1917 Camp Logan race riot.

It’s entitled “The 24th,” after the 24th Infantry Regiment, an African-American Army regiment stationed in Houston during WWI.

It’s scheduled to be released in streaming format in lieu of cinematic release, but I don’t know all the details.

Take a look at the trailer, and then post your thoughts!

If anyone happens to see it, then please post a review!


I’d definitely like to see this when it’s out! Thanks for sharing.

Well, I just think it is very bad timing. I’ll have to research the events on my own to find out what happened. Anytime Hollywood makes a movie “inspired” by true events, I need to find out the truth first and then decide if I want to see Hollywood’s spin on it.


Start reading!


Really good actors in this movie.

I’ll be looking for this movie. I’ve read about the riots, they were real, nothing Hollywood about them. I doubt if many of you have visited the Buffalo Soldiers Museum in midtown, but I highly recommend it.

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Why bad timing? B/c we can’t catch it in theaters?

Thanks but I won’t be using Wikipedia.

Then give this a go.

Looks like a good movie to see. Prefer true stories. Hopefully, Hollywood keeps it that way without too much artistic discretion for the success of the movie.

Don’t count on it

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Yep, I’m not. Its Hollywood’s way.

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But how well do we know the truth? History is written by the rulers. I would expect (but don’t know for sure) that the story has mainly been told from the perspective of the ruling powers of the City of Houston, which were all White. I read the Wikipedia article and the TSHA article. Wikipedia gives more detail about the Houston Police pistol-whipping soldiers of the US Army that doesn’t show up in TSHA version.

I don’t know all the source material but how much of the Black soldiers’ side of the story was reported or recorded?


I gave my dad a novel about the event several years ago.

I desire the truth. You know the old saying?

It can be found, or at least get closer. My point, Hollywood has a high probability, based on their history to modify the truth for better story telling and profits. Its almost a guarantee.

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No doubt Hollywood will dramatize the story. I was also disappointed to see the words “inspired by…”

I hope the story was well researched and stays as close as possible to the truth as we know it.

Yes, a very key word with lots of meaning behind it. To me that is changing history under the cover of artistic freedom to make more revenue and profits.

Its impossible to make a movie 100 percent true. There are so many factors. Shoot even documentaries have a hard time.
I just read the story of the last lynching in California. San Jose 1933 and it had nothing to do with race. The governor basically let the mob know they could do what they want. The truth of the story will never really be known to full detail. To tell a story and make a movie you have to have some liberties.
It does suck when you find out something from movie didn’t really happen. I looked up a scene from Disaster Artist with Bryan Cranston to find out it was completely made up.

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I do enjoy true stories more so than made up ones in general. As long as they keep the artistic freedome relatively in the ballpark.

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They always gotta mix in a love story to get people more emotionally invested. Drives me nuts.


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