Way Too early preason polls

Seeing a lot of early preason polls since publications are looking for material. Thought we could put them here.

How is Iona not already in his Top 25? :wink:


Ridiculous is right…no Longhorns in the preseason poll? It’s almost required in basketball and football.


I hope 21 is the absolute floor at where we’ll start. Although, anywhere in the Top 25 will work…just as long as we don’t have to claw and fight our way up there.


I like The thought of stepping into the season in the top 25.

Add a 25 win season on that and I am a happy man.


Haven’t had time to line up the prostitutes for recruiting parties… not that he would know about that !

18. Houston

G Marcus Sasser
G Quentin Grimes
F Caleb Mills
F Nate Hinton
C Fabian White

Key Losses: Chris Harris, DeJon Jarreau

Key Newcomers: Cameron Tyson (transfer), Tramon Mark, Jamal Snead, Kiyron Powell

Projected Bench: Marcus Sasser, Justin Gorham, Cedrick Alley, Cameron Tyson, Tramon Mark, Jamal Snead, Kiyron Powell, Brison Gresham, J’Wan Roberts


I like Rothstein. Looks like he’s starting the Coog koolaid early. That is a seriously salty starting five (especially if any/all of them can shore up their spot shooting).


Does Rothstein know for sure about Jarreau? Or is he just…SPECULATING!!! Just having some fun. Glad to see he has Grimes coming back.


Never knew Mills would play Forward.


Interesting that he’s got nobody else from the American in his top 45.

I’m guessing Wichita would have been without the mass exodus. And UConn’s somewhere in the 20s or so and now UGone.

Hopefully some other teams step up. Cinci? Memphis? Temple?

Memphis is a favorite to land 5 star 2020 center Greg Brown. If they get him and another highly rated prospect they could start being ranked in these preseason polls. The problem right now is they don’t have any actual commits.

Memphis has to get someone in there to help Penny with the offensive X’s and O’s. It was obvious throughout the year that there was little semblance of an offensive scheme on the court for Memphis (outside of that pick-n-roll that we allowed the Tigers to chew us up with for about ten minutes in our last meeting).

Mike Miller’s a nice guy and pretty good help on the defensive side of the ball…but jeesh…all of that offensive firepower and absolutely no plan on how to use it.

Sasser must be a hell of a player to start and come off the bench. :flushed:


So is it official that Jarreau isn’t coming back next season?

“Official”…??? This is Coogfans !!

Rothstein lists Jarreau in “Key Losses”.

He has a dual personality.


Meaning he is a dual threat point guard?

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