Week 3 Conference Games and/or Games of Interest

Memphis up 14-0 on Georgia State 7 mins into the first.

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Georgia St is not good.

Their starting coach is injured hehe.

Did a cancellation happen or was Memphis vs Ga St always the thrilling Friday night matchup?

Temple @ Maryland
SMU @ Michigan

I like Temple’s chances better than SMU but hope SMU can somehow stay around for the first half and cover the 5 TD spread by the end. Not expecting Ws but some competitiveness especially Temple.

Arkansas St @ Tulsa
South Florida @ Illinois
Tulane @ UAB

AAC needs these three games to help preserve the conference reputation.

Rhode Island @ UConn
Lehigh @ Navy
Alabama A&M @ Cincy

Must wins. No excuses.

UH has a chance to increase the brand value if they can win tomorrow and have these other games except SMU and Temple go in favor of the AAC.

I would think the opponent in non-conference games would have to agree with games being rescheduled on Thursday or Friday night and I believe it’s only an AAC TV game if it’s the AAC team hosting.

So not exactly a lot of amazing games to choose from.
Rhode Island @ UConn
Lehigh @ Navy
Alabama A&M @ Cincy
Arkansas State @ Tulsa

We can call ourselves a P6 because apparently we schedule the same OOC opponents the other power conferences schedule.

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That’s a good point Jimmy the home AAC games are all snoozers this week. The interesting AAC games are on the road.

URI and UCONN used to be a rivalry when they were in the same football conference.

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If Rhode Island beats UConn, it’s time for the AAC to kick UConn out of the conference and give one of our old C-USA teams that got left behind a chance like USM or Marshall.


Add both, but I would not kick UCONN out…

Invite UT, just for grins…

Woah jimmy. You’re usually the voice of reason. Kick out a 4 time national mens bball champion for the University of Southern Mississippi? Marshall?
Also UCONN is the only flagship school in our conference. I understand we’re not PAC12 but academics should still matter. But more importantly 4 natty’s in the last 20 years.


Almost on topic: ESPNU showing georgia hs game. There’s a 6’6 corner with offers from Navy and USF. Seems pretty lockdown so far, can only imagine his offer list will grow. Would not look forward to playing against him.

Going to be real interesting when we face Memphis. The strength of their offense is their rushing attack…which is the strength of our defense. If we shut them down, will Brady White be able to lead them? So far, I don’t think he would be able to. Long season though, and we don’t play them until the last game.

Temple is up on Maryland :scream::scream:


Texas is sorry bad…

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Temple crushing Maryland, I LOVE IT!


Temple and the new QB look effective. The Owls are curb stomping the Terps. Keep it up!

DAMN!! They are rolling! Go owls!!

The AAC is very good conference.

The Big 10 has to be rethinking the whole Rutgers / Maryland thing.

BREAKING: UConn is not a good football team. URI just tied it up at 42 in the 3rd. UConn led 42-28 at the half.

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