What are you feeling good about?

(PortlandCoog) #1

Seems people are muted about yesterday’s win, and more apt to complain. I am not trying to shut down debate, but it seems the ship has been righted or at least turned back in the right direction. I get it, it’s ECU, but lots to be hopeful about.

Stating the obvious… but it takes a certain type of QB to run our offense and we found him. 2 weeks ago I was convinced we might not even be bowl eligible. Now I think we have a good chance to finish with a better record than last year.

We’ve done plenty of complaining… what are you feeling good about?

(Eric Prado) #2

I’m feeling better heading into the final three weeks of the regular season vs two triple option teams than I did 2 weeks ago.

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Im feeling good about facing two running teams to wind it up.

Secondary is running on empty to a degree.


I like how natural King looks at QB. I never knew about his high school days so yesterday really made me a believer in his QB talent. Also impressive in his press conference, think we have a new leader.

(PortlandCoog) #5

Agree, he interviews well, has some humility and is gracious towards coaches and team mates. Yet he has some swagger and some edge on the field.

What he did in high school, which a lot of folks don’t realize, is simply phenomenal.

(WRB) #6

I am feeling good about the fact that we starting throwing the ball deep. Better yet, we completed almost all of them.

(Chris) #7

I see the start of a foundation that is what I feel good about. I look at games a bit differently in a sense that I take a one game approach. I will never project to next year or even two games ahead. What matters to me is how we played yesterday and how we prepare to get better for our next game. Our up-coming game will give us the answers. Every opponent presents a different challenge. We all realize that a player injured or miss assignments have great consequences and can turn a so called bad opponent into a good one. The difference in today’s college football is very small. Let’s build on this win and keep progressing against Tulane.


I feel good that I did not die in the hot humid weather.

(Cristian) #9

I feel good we had a game where we scored more than 30 points

(PortlandCoog) #10

Gotta tell you, I don’t miss that aspect here in Oregon. Glad you are still with us!

(gpropes) #11

It’s amazing how much smarter our head coach and offensive coordinator got after installing the right quarterback.


Saw him several times in HS and he is doing the same things at NCAA level as he did in HS. I don’t mind benefiting from other schools passing on him because they deemed him too short. Case had the same storyline and he is still playing in the NFL.


What I feel good about

King, Lark, and Car

The opportunity to cheer very loudly in three weeks for the seniors. Especially for Thurman, Bonner and Dunbar

Season tickets next year maybe improving a tad


Ironic, Allen was offered by everybody simply because he was 6-3. I’m ready for Case/Ward redux

(Mike Higdon) #15

Allen was offered by everyone because he was a great HS QB and could be a great college QB in the right system. Unfortunately for him, UH isn’t it. Had he gone to a team with a style more suited to his abilities, he would have flourished. I hope he finds a good spot next year and does well. He is a fine young man and I wish him well in life.


I wish him the best too. The sad fact is that if Allen was two inches shorter he would not have been rated as high. Don’t take my word for it, http://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/cougars/article/After-football-hiatus-Kyle-Allen-takes-the-reins-12185676.php

“Well he’s only 6-1 right now,” Mike told the coach. “But we’ve gone to the doctor and his growth plates are still working. He’s going to be 6-2 or 6-3.”

There was a brief silence.

“Worst news you could tell me,” the coach said.

“What do you mean?” a confused Mike asked.

“The minute your son hits 6-2 I don’t have a shot. He’ll be on everybody’s radar. At 6-1, I have a chance. He hits 6-2 and everybody is going to want him.”

(G.W.) #17

I’m happy to see for the first time all year “Explosive Plays”. I cannot remember when we had TWO touchdowns plays of over 60 yards.
King throws a beautiful ball, both with zip and with touch.
I love how the team responds to him and seems to elevate. Him on the field meant the D could not just focus on stopping the RB.

Glad to see our D continue to stuff ANY and ALL runners.

So happy Isaiah Johnson was moved to DB because he still can’t catch (joking…but not joking).

(Cary) #18

This team is entertaining now. It was hard to watch before, even games we won. We will win many more than we lose playing the way we are playing now.


What am I feeling good about? All the above! Oh, and our new basketball team; but that is for another venue!

(PortlandCoog) #20

He’s doing well in that position. He’s actually a pretty good corner.