What hacked me off the most!

You can say what you want about the mistakes and what you think about the coach. But let me ask you this, as a player how would you feel about coming out on your home field and see the opponent has 4 or 5 times the fans in the stand as your team. I am so sick of having a piss poor fan base that sits home and watches the games on TV and then complain about us being too good for this conference. Hell, most other teams in the conference seem to be able to get their fans out.

I can’t fathom another G5 school having a worse group of fans – if you can even call them that – who don’t support the team but gripe about everything!

BYU fans sure didn’t seem to have a problem getting tickets and making the trip. Some even came from Provo, I talked with a couple that came from San Antonio. But our folks can’t make it from Katy or Bellaire.


People in the stands dont shank punts, give up big plays and not contain the qb.

People in the stands dont call garbage plays in the 4th quarter.


People in the stands have never played college ball, but sure seem to have all the answers.


I guess you missed it. It wasn’t the people in the stands I was complaining about – it was the lack of UH Coogs in the stands as opposed to the horde of BYU fans in the stands. We looked like the visiting team from far away.


I understand your point red80. I can tell you it is a common them when byu plays West Coast teams. They have a loyal fan base. That we should learn from and why.

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This is something common with BYU. They have a strong national following. They’re like 7 year cicadas where did all these BYU fans come from then they go back into their holes waiting for their next time to come out. The answer is stop scheduling BYU and encourage other AAC members to do the same. They’re independent that hurts them more than beating them.


His point is it wouldn’t matter how loyal their fan base was if UH fans had bought up all the tickets. And I agree.


Agree for the most part, but near halftime the ratio of fans was closer to 50-50 Big difference was that they were much louder, partly due to zero social distancing My section was filled with BYU fans grabbing unoccupied seats that were open due to our season ticket holders‘ distancing protocols. I am pretty easy going when it comes to mask wearing infractions, especially outdoors, but even I was uncomfortable and left my seats to stand the second half.

No complaints about their behavior outside of that, really good fans for the most part.

BTW Red, nice tribute to you last night…congrats!


Nothing new with our fan base ur preaching to the choir

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Very few posters do this. Most of us realize this is a good conference for us considering our mediocre lifetime record. The complaint is that we can’t even dominate any of the conferences we’ve been in.


Winning cures all. We’ll be ok. All of our goals are still in front of us. I have to admit I was wrong about BYU they’re legit. Our guys deserve some credit, they played hard but were only in their second game.

Why do we need to go wild on the fanbase because the game didn’t work out? People complain about attendance every year. Once we start winning then we’ll see better. Only cowtown colleges support their teams blindly because there is literally nothing else to do. We’ll be fine.

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We had a little over 10k in the stadium against BYU…the week before we a little over 8k…IMO BYU scarfed up those extra 2k tickets and had a few extra seats covered throughout the contest.
The biggest difference is that they are truly loyal fans from a national base.
We have had very few games through the years where opposing teams had that good of a fanbase…none since we became the AAC…although Navy might be the closest thing in football…
Lack of a solid fanbase has been a problem for as long as I can remember.
A lot of folks have gotten on to me for calling out our lack of a solid fan base, but let’s face it, we are the reason we are not in the Big 12.
Towards the end of our stay in the SWC we were having a hard time creating any interest or attracting many fans unless Texas or A&M were filling our stadium…And that pretty well went for hoops also.
Perhaps one of the biggest football games we ever played here was against Texas back in 1979, Complete sellout, tickets were at a big premium and there was national title implications for our Coogs.
I was very disappointed not only that we lost the game, 21-13, our only loss of the year, but even more puzzled at the amount of Longhorn fans in the stadium. Probably truly half and half but we know who was the loudest at the end of the game.
I sat at the Hof and watched Aggie and Longhorns absolutely fill our stadium like they owned it.
Been following our Coogs since the mid '60s and I can tell you Red that this is not a problem that has just popped up.
Hopefully coach Holgy continues to recruit well and develops this team. We played last night like a team playing only its second game of the year against a disciplined and talented team that was playing its fifth game.
I still remain optimistic we are going to be a very good program once again…I do, however, doubt our fanbase will ever get much better unless we become nationally relevant again…


Another delusional.

Houstonians don’t give a crap about college sports. They care about their fake NFL team and taking selfies at restaurants. The exception is when you’re ranked and they want to tell people they were there for it.

If we want to have full seats we need to move the stadium to San Antonio or El Paso.


Huh? UTSA and UTEP both averaged less than 20K last year. I know they were bad but neither are exactly killing it with attendance.


This is my take on fan support. As a player parent, it is hard for me to read a lot of what is posted. I scroll through and mostly do not respond even though I would love to. I just let it go. But when you start to call out players by name for mistakes, not ok. Last week that band wagon was awfully full! According to a lot of you fans, defense was brilliant, our offense shined and Holgorsen was a hero. This week, those same fans jumped from that wagon and here come the insults. Playing junior high ball or coaching a little league team does not qualify you as an expert on college football. I will almost guarantee fans will jump back on the UH train when we win again. We were all disappointed in last nights outcome and some posts from other sights are brutal. I don’t understand the hate. I will always support this team and my son no matter what, because that’s what a real fan does without getting personal.


Spoken like a true fan, Twinmom.

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Very well said Giena!

IMHO, the 79 team was the best in my lifetime.


I don’t understand the need to complain about attendance this year. I haven’t missed a game in over a decade until this season. I’ve paused my attendance gripes until things settle down in this world.


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