What kind of offense do we run?

(J V ) #1

I will call it the W T F offense for the rest of the year. I have said W T F all season long when we are on offense.

(Khanh) #2

We look very clueless on offense. It’s like we don’t want to have to deal with the liability of handling the ball.


What kind of offense do we run?

I call it Poor as in we run a poor offense.

(J V ) #4

This offense ignores the middle of the field behind the linebackers. Catalon plays like he doesn’t care on too many plays. The O line gets no push. If our passing game is counting on 50/50 balls down the sideline. It will be a long long long season.


It’s the let the defense win the game offense

(gpropes) #6

LeBush 2.0.

(Brad) #7

It’s called the swing swing draw.

Swing pass left. Swing pass right. QB draw.

(Patrick) #8

We’ve looked pretty good in the first half all year.

Then, for whatever reason, we get too conservative or stop going with what worked in the 2nd half. Has happened every single game so far.

Can’t keep expecting the defense to bail us out with our next five opponents (SMU, Tulsa, Memphis, USF and ECU). All five are going to score. We’re going to find out a lot about CMA over the next 5 weeks.

(Cristian) #9

I know it wasnt meant to be funny but that was hilarious.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

To be clear, Johnson’s offense at Utah was ranked 108th his first year in yards per game and 78th his second year.

2014 article:

“After being demoted from offensive coordinator to co-offensive coordinator to quarterbacks coach, Brian Johnson is looking to revive his coaching career with a longtime mentor. Sources have confirmed that Johnson is leaving Utah to become a part of Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen’s staff.”

It would be nice if someone bluntly asked Applewhite next Wednesday if this is his offense or Johnson’s and who does the play calling at game time.

(Cary) #11

The 1st half offense.


The answer would likely be Johnson calls the plays but he’s on the same page as CMA and has his total support. Also went conservative after half to maintain lead and don’t risk TOs that might turn into points. Latter is what he said after AZ game

(G.W.) #13

Applewhite shut down this offense much better than Temple did.
We were actually running the read-option well in the first half.
Postma had some good runs. Birden had some good plays.
Postma was challenging the DBs down the field when they thought they could go man-to-man coverage (tough OPI calls, deleted one TD).

We take the 2nd half KO, drive the field and go up 20-3. THEN we decide to call every play so that the pass is on or behind the LOS. We killed them when we threw it down the field. And it opened up the run.

But then back to the sideline to sideline pass game. Terrible, horrible conservative play calling.

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #14

Hilarious. It’s better than OC SNAKEbitt aka Mike Nesbitt


Is it Johnson’s fault that the players left 10-14 points on the board.

I think people want to make the OC a scapegoat for the failure of an entire system. Scheme, play calling, execution, personnel, and penalties together are the problem. Not one person or player.


(G.W.) #17

No, it’s not just one thing. But the OC let them play in the first half, then shut the play book in the second. You cannot stop scoring just because you have a lead.

(Cary) #18

2088, all I know is we are averaging 20 pts per game whenever we play someone with a heartbeat. That ain’t good enough.


Absolutely. The coping mechanism for most fans is to find one person and blame them for everything.

(Brian C) #20

I’m trying to understand the thought process when you constantly are giving King the ball on the short side of the field. Wouldn’t you want to give your most shiftiest/quicker guy some space?