Where the Coogs stand as of 12 Feb

(Patrick) #1

Houston is also 30th in the RPI

(Patrick) #2

Jerry Palm’s updated bracket…this is the one that has Houston as a 10 seed playing A&M in the first round.

(Patrick) #3

Bracket Matrix has us as a last line of the 10 seeds now and included in 75 of 78 brackets. Most of the brackets were created before yesterday’s results so this will change:


(Patrick) #4

Rothstein has us ranked #23 in his Top 25

23. Houston

The Skinny: Thursday’s game against Cincinnati is a monster.

(Patrick) #5

In the first released Top 16 seed breakdown, Cincy was placed 8th.

(Patrick) #6


A #6 seed would be huge.

(David) #8

Just making the Dance would be good enough for me but a 6 / 7 seed? Wow…


We have graduated from being a “bubble” team on Lunardi’s Bracketology. Currently a #10 seed facing Alabama.

(gpropes) #10

Good Lord, I hope Lunardi’s projection isn’t how it turns out.

Beat a red-hot Alabama, and our reward is playing Duke in Charlotte? Oof,

(David) #11

What an “opportunity”…


Let’s hope this team rises to the challenge. Their schedule is about to get tougher. Cincy, @ Temple, @ SMU will be tough.

(David) #13

I would take 4-2 right now.

(Charles) #14

I’m glad CougarDave isn’t on the team. Rob sounds like he wants 6-0 and I’ll support that.

(David) #15

The list of reasons is extensive. Everybody wants 6-0


I wanted to go 30-0 so I’m already disappointed about the season.

(PMM) #17

Agree…as long as one of the 4 is Cincy !!


TeamRankings gives us a .02 percent chance of winning the National Championship. My response is They’re saying we have a chance :wink:

(Dustin) #19

It’s been a crazy year for college basketball, with no unbeatable teams. If you’re going to make a Cinderella run, this would be the year to do it.

(jimmyschofield) #20

Coach better make sure none of his guys are buying all this hype. I’ll only be confident that we’re in, when we’re in.