Who is going to get the vaccine asap

My wife and I are in the number 3 group as I think are a lot of other older coogs. In that I am over 65. Medical workers/essential first responders and people in nursing homes numbers 1-3. Not worried about taking it at all.


The notion or propaganda against taking the vaccine is obscene, immoral and dangerous. Everyone should take it. I am so happy your wife, you sir and the older population is/will be able to take it. This is an amazing, historical achievement that these vaccines were developed in such a short period of time. Anyone against these vaccines or have other agenda is responsible for further pain and deaths. I am so happy for you.


I’m in the old guy group as well. Will take when available, although when my time slot is called, wish there were options as to which vaccine types are available.

The more people get vaccinated and then we have truly “herd” immunity.

My wife has her appt to get vaccinated this week. Pfizer-she and her colleagues are really excited.

I’m not sure when I will have the chance get. I assume with the other non-priority US Population.

At least 50 percent of the house will be vaccinated.


It will be likely be a few months but I will take it when it becomes available to me.

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Yeah i’d like a vaccine buffet as well. I’m so hungry for it i went and got a flu shot yesterday as an appetizer.

If my doctor says get then I will. I am in the high risk range.

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It may be a while before our household gets vaccinated. Not because of any opposition to the vaccine.

Wife’s oncologist recommended against her getting the Pfizer vaccine, due to wife’s history of allergic reactions and “unusual” side effects. If there’s a “rare” side effect to a drug, my wife seems to get it.

The doctor also said that the vaccine isn’t approved for kids yet, so we’ll also be waiting on that.

I’ll probably be the first in the house to get it, but I’m not in any high risk category. I’ve heard general public may get vaccines in the July - October time frame. No rush though, as we were all home bound even before the COVID, so not a lot of risk of exposure. (I work from home and son is homeschooled.)


Dude, you just violated HIPPA. Be careful.

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I think I trust Pfizer more than the other companies. . Pfizer has a history of doing vaccines and other good drugs…

Not that we don’t trust the companies…just don’t trust the wife’s reaction. :slight_smile:

I’ve never once thought about who was making the vaccine whenever I’ve had one. I don’t know enough about it…just trust in the system.

I’ll probably be in the back half of the population to get it, being that I’m young and healthy and not a healthcare worker. NYT has me roughly in the middle of the pack, but honestly I should be one of the last to get it.

I’ll get it as soon as either the VA or my current county employer makes it available.

Probably not at the front of the queue though.

So nobody’s getting it?!? :wink:

I will certainly get it.

As soon as available to the high risk age group I will certainly get the vaccine. I just don’t understand hearing there is a fairly large percentage (40% +) of people in Texas indicating they would not get the vaccine.

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I’m in the high risk group (73, had 2 heart attacks, type 2 diabetes), but I haven’t a clue as to when I will be able to take it or if I will rush to do it when I am. My bride says she won’t take it, since her reaction to the flu vaccine wasn’t that great.

I’m looking forward to my turn. I’m 74 so it should be soon . . . . .

Lol potd

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